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When did you realize that you were really an adult?

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Not long ago, my wife and I hosted a small party. It was lovely. Everyone had a good time. The food was delicious. Nothing was broken.

The next morning, I was pleasantly surprised that the house was still clean, so I went shopping for groceries. On my way home from the store, I was discussing legal marijuana, but the weeds have become so powerful that they can be very expensive without actually trying to do it.What just happened a bit Stone, am I right?

As I tried to clean up the groceries, the guest brought in a lot of beer and wine (and consumed very little) and realized that there wasn’t enough space for all the food they bought.

“Hmm. This is the worst,” I said. “All the weeds from the weed shop are too strong and the fridge is full of liquor, so it doesn’t fit in all of this food!”

This is when I realize I’m an adult.

Please tell me your cOutdated story

What about you? I’m interested in hearing what leads to the perception that you are no longer a child. I’m not talking about “official” seijin ceremonies like your Bar Mitzvah or Ramspringa.An invisible milestone, meaning the moment it actually happened Sinked You’re no longer a kid, a teenager, a post-pubertal person, or a millennial, but instead, you’re somehow full-fledged, fiber-eating, worried 401 (k).Adult ass.

Was it the first time to hide the fact that he was smoking from his child?Or you were the first time very Are you excited to try new recipes? Maybe when you realize that your parents are right about many things?

Or maybe you aren’t there yet. Maybe you are resisting a mid-priced SUV that has a shoe insole siren song for plantar fasciitis and a good fuel efficiency and good safety rating. What is your strategy to prevent seemingly unavoidable?

In any case: fill our comment section with these stories that all of us may sympathize with and reflect the joys and fears of adulthood.

When did you realize that you were really an adult?

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