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When clearing all those souvenirs from your last relationship

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Many people keep memorabilia of past relationships, such as birthday cards, jewelry, and cell phone photos, but it’s okay to keep them at any time. Hanging These things, and when it’s time to let go?? Here are some things you should consider about keeping souvenirs from past relationships, especially when you have a new partner in your life.

What kind of souvenirs do we store most often?

Results of recent cinch home services Survey of over 1,000 U.S. residentsIs designed to give insight into the opinions of cluttered people, but in fact revealed some interesting information about relationships. One of them is that 57% of people said they still have items from past relationships.

Interestingly, of the 57% of respondents who worked to maintain old relationships, men were much more likely to physically remind them of their previous flames. Overall, 61.6% of men said they held the item and 51.1% of women said they held it. The majority of romantic hoards are also involved or married, but 21.2% said they didn’t know their current partner still had those items. The most commonly stored items are photographs (42.6%), gifts (40.6%) and jewelry (34.4%).

examination why You want these items

I still only have items of a particularly sentimental kind.Hidden and forgotten Behind the closet is less important than the underlying reason why-Especially when you start a new relationship.

“I think it’s more important to pay attention to the current emotional interaction with the original,” he said. Jennifer All, Brooklyn Authorized Marriage and Family Therapist. “Does this person still seem to be unresolved or longing for him as a romantic partner? That’s really the problem.”

“I don’t want to be in a romantic relationship right now, but I can get to a place where I can look back on my love for the year, so it’s okay to hold on.” But it’s also true of your new Partners may feel threatened by what Storing items shows your feelings, so you need to balance the affection you feel for those memories with the comfort and safety you desire. Your new partner felt..

What is OK (and not OK) to maintain?

There are some things you should do I never have Keep (you know It’s crap to stay nude From the beginning); Overly emotional items such as personal letters, cards, and photo books when traveling together are most likely to harm your new partner. But the more practical kind can probably stay. Of those who told Cinch surveyors that they kept old items, 18.4% had tableware and kitchen utensils, 23.5% pointed to furniture, and 25.4% still had electronic devices. Was there.

I am a practical gift giver. I don’t think my exe considers coffee makers and air fryer to be “souvenirs” or “souvenirs”.I still have a tv Box fan, and Tables from previous relationships, and they are a staple of everyday life that never reminds me of him (and) I’m sure hell isn’t going to throw a perfectly good fan Just drop the money another).. The Plush toys, concert tickets, And once-Sentimental gift Probably can But go.

in the end, Unless you pin your ex continueAs a souvenir as you think it is —If you can be open and honest with your new partner please do not I have an objection.

When clearing all those souvenirs from your last relationship

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