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What’s so special about white whiskey?

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One of the side effects of modern capitalism is the constant impetus for growth. Every business needs to grow every year. Otherwise, it will be a disaster. This is also reflected in the consumer market. We always need new products, new categories, and new ways to encourage people to spend money. So it’s not surprising even in the spirits industry. put Efforts to reinvent the wheel.we requirement A new breed of whiskey? No, probably not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to invent some. Therefore, white whiskey.

Technically, white whiskey is not There are so many new types of whiskey because it is a new kind of cynical marketing technique. Basically, the world’s whiskey producers, especially small distilleries, had two problems. 1, Traditional whiskey like bourbon and rye whiskey takes Is long Time to mature. In the meantime, it’s just the cost of a distillery account. And two, Vodka is a major competitor to whiskey in terms of sales.. So the fact that there are a lot of white whiskeys on the shelves is not so surprising.But what teeth that?

What is white whiskey?

Basically, white whiskey is unaged (or barely Aging) Whiskey directly from the distillation process.Traditional wHisky emerges clearly and powerfully from the distillation process, Then it is aged in some kind of oak barrel, in the meantime It slowly turns brown with the flavor drawn from the tree.Technically considered whisky The rules are quite inaccurate, but liquor has to spend time barrel aging, and lRepeatedly, the time spent on the barrel (even 10 seconds) is counted.

Many spirits manufacturers Raw whiskey “White dog.“ YI will do it well See phrases used in white whiskey branding and marketing. However, it can be misleading... White dogs are technically whiskey, Purpose Aging it properly.When a spirit manufacturer decides to make an aged product White whiskey from the beginningThey Mash bills (materials used in fermentation and distillation processes, such as corn, rye, and wheat) are typically modified to create a different flavor profile than raw whiskey for barrels. Here you have the time spent selecting and aging wood.Say a lot about the taste of the final product favorite.

You can see the economic movement behind white whiskey. If you are a small distillery just getting started, the first thing you should do is invest a lot of cash and time in distilling a huge amount of white dogs, tchicken Please wait a few years before going on sale Young whiskey to the world.If you need to make If you receive cash immediately, you can take advantage of one asset. A gallon of white whiskey that is barely aged.In that sense, white whiskey a Smart If you’re a little cynical, Marketing tricks.It ’s like slicing. Sold as raw potatoes and raw french fries.

Reminiscent of the era of moonshine

America has a long tradition of loving white whiskey.Moonshine — Illegal liquor brewed in the bathtub and sold at Speakeasy during Prohibition— —A type of white whiskey. Raw, immature, With High alcohol content that kicks you with your butt and perhaps make you Temporarily blind. Modern wHeight whiskey may be a marketing strategy, but it’s part of a historic lineage and still worth putting in your liquor rack.

The white whiskey on the shelves is not a classic moonshine anyway.. Moonshine is not a well-defined category. Crazyea centuries ago Was produced Illegal, There are no rules (or health tests) that cover its production.It was distilled from anything Tax evasion, violation of law Manufacturer You can get it.. In modern times, what we formally call moonshine is that Mashville generally contains a lot of corn, Plus added Sugar to get closer to the classic one. yet Incredibly powerful —Over 190 proofs. ((((It’s a night you’ll never forget.. )

As mentioned above, modern White whiskey varieties are produced More thoughtfulIf it makes you feel like an outlaw, you can call it moonshine..Distiller Usually, if you know that the result is intended to be white whiskey, adjust and massage Mashville to aim for a specific purpose. Flavor profile.Unlike vodka, white whiskey Will It’s definitely tasty, so it’s worth checking out Various varieties..There is also rapid growth White whiskey cocktail sceneI argue, but this defeats the entire purpose of white whiskey, which is to enjoy raw pristine liquor.In fact, white whiskey Popular enough It is no longer a guaranteed economic lifeline for small distilleries. because Big boy Stick to action..

What’s so special about white whiskey?

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