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What’s in Johnny Depp’s Documents? A Guide for Indifferent Adults to Child Culture

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This week’s Out of Touch Adult Guide features a grab bag of irrelevant nonsense from the world of youth culture, including info dumps of lewd material in the endless chaos between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. . Mine Craft Shout out “GYAT!” to the musical theater community and the Dawn of Time viral video.

New docs make Johnny Depp look really bad

The story of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seems destined to last forever. attractive on both sides decisions on them, and 6,000 pages of court documents It was recently unsealed, shedding new light on the behind-the-scenes of toxic relationships. Andrea Burkhart, supposedly designed to dig harder and more dirt, but it didn’t work that way. Documents don’t always please Johnny Depp.

Depp’s team wanted to turn over nude photos of Heard as evidence and tried to use the death of Heard’s friend against her. No texting was allowed, in evidence of Depp calling himself a “fucking savage” and a “madman.”If you have the desire to rummage through celebrity dirty laundry, all 6,000 pages available online for your viewing.

Slang of the Week: What Does “Gyat” Mean?

If you’ve seen the words ‘gyat’ or ‘gyattt’ in the comments section of any YouTube or TikTok video lately, you can mentally replace them with ‘goddamn’. But not “damn” in the curse sense. Similar to how a young straight man might say “oh my god” when a curvy young woman walks by. A coined word by his YouRAGE of twitch/YouTube gamers, pronounced like “ge-YAT!” is commonly called. As a perfect example of how it comes out in conversation, check out this videoAs an acronym, gyat can also mean “to act together,” but I doubt it’s used that often.

Friends group on TikTok

Young people on TikTok and Twitter are exploring the structure of their social circles, reminding us of a time when we had enough energy to pay attention to the people around us.of #friend group tag Full of f on TikTokfriendship based memes, A heartfelt/poignant tribute to a buddyWhen even in cartoons!My favorite friend talk is Ethan DavidWho Learn more about different types of friend groups Use pop culture references, such as labeling groups of friends with leaders of the opposite sex Wizard of Oz; When two sets of friends team up, it’s Lord of the Ring.

The Lion King musical recreated in Mine Craft

things Mine Craft Users sometimes make me step back and say “Wow”. Who knew there was a thriving community of theater fans using the game to recreate stage musicals? Orrg Studios’ undertake The Lion King. A virtual theatergoer steps in Mine Craft Walk to their seats in a 1:1 reenactment of the Theater im Hafen, a version of Hamburg’s Theater District, and with the help of an usher, sit back and watch the full-length version The Lion King Performed by a virtual puppeteer.

Unlike a physical show, guests can walk behind the scenes and see how everything works. read about The Lion King took me down the unique rabbit hole of minecraft Virtual theater scenes recreated by fans shrek the musical, Aladdin, and other shows have a truly remarkable level of passion and attention to detail.you can see a good portion of The Lion King on youtubeSpeaking of which, it’s completely free, but only 20 guests can watch each show for technical reasons.

Viral Video of the Week: Primitive Technology: Trebuchet

This week’s viral video features YouTube favorite Nature Boy, primitive technology. This week, a shirtless man from the beginning Trebuchet! A past project taught me how to make tiled roof Using only stone age tools, dig deep about Cultivation of yamand description all 1 there is something I want to know about weavingAll of his step-by-step videos are strangely hypnotic. There’s no narration, music, or production enhancements, just pure prehistoric action, but Trebuchet offers something that Thatched Roof doesn’t.which A heavy rock is launched into the air and breaksdeath on target. After the apocalypse, you’ll hurry up and watch this channel to learn to fight off the marauders who steal your wheat. Internet connectionwatch and learn now before it’s too late

What’s in Johnny Depp’s Documents? A Guide for Indifferent Adults to Child Culture

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