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What you shouldn’t do when you slip at work

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We all make mistakes, but we know How to actually get over them It’s a badly underrated skill.Recently picked up How to Save Your Career After Failure at WorkBut how about you should not do Is it correct in the aftermath of your slip-up?Especially when it comes to the workplace, what you are doing, and what you are doing please do not Do — After making a mistake, you can decide how big a deal it will be.

Don’t turn a small slip-up into something you can’t stop playing over and over in your head all night long. Here’s what you shouldn’t do to make your mistakes at work worse, correct the situation, and be able to continue your life:

First: don’t lose your composure

The easiest way to lose control of mistakes is to lose perspective.

No matter how much you feel in the heat of the moment, your mistake may not be the end of the world. Indeed, the “end of the world” is relative. Mistakes at work vary slightly depending on whether you are a PR person, a delivery driver, or a surgeon. (However, in some work environments, we send emails that feel like open heart surgery.)

Take a deep breath and think about the consequences of this mistake, both short-term and long-term. Things to consider before being surprised accordingly:

  • How easy is this to fix?
  • Who will this affect immediately? Customers, clients, team members?
  • Does this have long-term implications or do you feel a disproportionate panic so far?
  • Has anyone else made this mistake before (who can help and understand you)?
  • How does this turmoil overlap with your ability to perform your job so far?

Another classic trick to get an important perspective is to ask yourself. What if a colleague made this mistake on your behalf? Be in the position of others before you spiral.

Please do not go outboard with an apology

The instinct to apologize is good. but, Excessive apology can be more harmful than good..Instead, make mistakes and focus on understanding Forward. Try to incorporate a plan to correct the situation into your apology. Then prepare to stop talking about it (even if you’re still obsessed with it). Think of a “solution” rather than “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

Don’t try to hide your mistakes

Excessive apologies can be annoying, but it gets worse if you go too far in the opposite direction. If you try to delay or prevent others from discovering your slip-up, you’re protecting your pride at the expense of the big picture. Make sure that the ego does not interfere with the resolution of the problem as soon as possible.

Transparency is key.If you have a hard time talking about mistakes, you may need to learn How to ask for help at work When needed.

Don’t keep making the same mistakes

It sounds obvious, but “We make all the mistakes“teeth”… and we all need to learn from them.Make sure that occasional confusion does not become a pattern of behavior.

The best way to deal with a mistake is to take action to prevent it from recurring. Use the stress of mistakes as a powerful motivation to stand at the top of future games.

Don’t hit

The takeaway from all of this advice is to get out of your own head.It ’s very easy to stick to us too much It’s a mistake, but this thought pattern keeps you at night. Practice self-compassion and focus your energy on finding solutions from being obsessed with problems. Take positive action to avoid making the same mistakes again and move on.

What you shouldn’t do when you slip at work

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