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What you need to know about ticks that can cause allergies to meat

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Tick ​​and tick-borne disease Increased hasWhen For many years.. We usually think of Lyme disease when we think of ticks, but there are many other problems that can be caused by tick bites. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.. Another lesser-known condition: mammalian meat allergies. From a bite Ticks..

What is a tick? where do you live?

Ticks once Lived mainly U in the southeast.S., But those ranges now include the entire East Coast and the large masses of the Midwest. Iowa is at the edge of the tick range.Nebraska, Texas, New York are all within that boundaryaccording to This CDC map..

Thanks to climate change, the range of mites is expanding, making them more likely to survive the warm winters.Increase the population of mites Every year. Mites also literally piggyback on the increase in deer populations.

Ticks are big for ticks, crawl Immediately, and their bites are hurt. This is in contrast to the black-footed ticks of the fame of Lyme disease. Mites are small and may go unnoticed when bitten.

All mites feed by burying their heads in the skin Suck blood until it is full like a balloon.If you find a tick, tweezers or Tick ​​remover.. Don’t burn your butt with a blown match.It In fact it increases the chances of getting you sick..

Ticks can also be sent Ehrlichiosis, tularemia, heartland virus, and STARI.. But their most bizarre thing is their ability to cause meat allergies.

How can a tick bite cause a meat allergy?

First of all, not all lonely stars When bitten by a tick, it causes allergies. It is perfectly normal to be bitten by a tick and have no lasting consequences. but, Most people who have what is called an alpha gal allergy have begun to experience SymptomsTerrible after being bitten by a tick.

There are other mites that can cause this allergy. This includes mites found in Europe and mites found in Australia.In the United States So far, meat allergies are only associated with ticks.

What is an alpha gal? How can I get allergic to it?

Allergies are especially to compounds called galactose-α-1,3-galactose, or α-gal for short. It’s sugar, but not in sweet foods like fruits.It is made and adheres by animals For protein. Lean meat, which is mainly protein, contains a small amount of alpha gal. (Not enough to be registered as sugar on the nutrition label. It’s really less than a microscopic amount.)

Almost all mammals make alpha gals, which are found in meat and milk, wOne big exception: primates (humans, monkeys, etc.) do not produce matter.. This means that our immune system may recognize alpha gals as intruders.

Something about tick (and tick) bites Other specific mites) can trigger the immune system to launch an attack As alpha-gal, and mEating from mammals contains alpha gals — iBeef, lamb, venison, and (though not considered lean meat) Pork — The result is an allergy to the meat itself.

The exact mechanism that causes allergies is not fully understood. One hypothesis iMites pick up proteins, including alpha gals, from other mammals that chew (such as mice and deer) and transfer them to us when chewed...But there is also the possibility It Tick ​​saliva itself is the trigger..

What is Alpha Gal Allergy?

The characteristic of alpha gal allergy is that you sometimes Three to eight hours after eating meat, allergic symptoms such as itching, swelling, and anaphylaxis (which can be fatal) appear.you May experience There are also gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.Alpha gal allergies are most common for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, such as hunters and hikers, and people often suffer. Painful tick bites before they begin to experience Symptoms.

If you think you have an alpha gal allergy, please bring it with you With your doctor, and Get the EpiPen prescription.Alpha gal allergyGeneral, especially If you don’t live in the southeastern United States, your doctor may not consider testing it. People with alpha gal allergies may find that they only react for a small part of the time. They eat meatHowever It When that happens, it can be serious and anaphylaxis can be fatal.

Alpha gal allergies can be diagnosed with the help of blood tests looking for IgE antibodies against alpha gals. (Skin prick test, Testing for other types of allergies, May give false negatives. Mail-order blood tests use completely different types of antibodies, Untrusted.. )

Mammalian meat is the most common trigger, but some people Sensitive enough Avoidance of dairy products (especially high-fat dairy products high in alpha gals) and other animal foods such as gelatin. Some medical products can also be a problem. The anticoagulant heparin and the chemotherapeutic drug cetuximab contain α-gal. ((((If you want to read more, This paper Contains recommendations for doctors and people with alpha gal allergies. )

Allergies are considered lifeIt can get better or worse over time over time. If you are bitten by a tick again, your symptoms may worsen temporarily. Alcohol and exercise also seem to exacerbate the symptoms. On the bright side, you can eat as much chicken, turkey and fish as you like.

How Can you do it Do you protect yourself from being bitten by ticks?

It’s the same way you protect yourself from being bitten by other mites.

  • After going outdoors, check for ticks. (At least take a shower.)
  • Consider coating your shoes and trousers with permethrin. Permethrin is an insect repellent that lasts after several washes.
  • Wear a good insect repellent spray when you are outdoors, especially on your ankles and legs.

If you are bitten by a tick, remove it with tweezers or a tick remover. Ask your doctor what to do next, as the decision depends on where you are in the country and the illnesses and risks you are facing.If you have already been bitten, there is no way to prevent alpha gal allergies, but other tick-borne You may be ill. everytime If you are bitten by a tick and have symptoms such as fever, see a doctor.

What you need to know about ticks that can cause allergies to meat

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