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What You Need to Know About Recurrent Headaches After COVID

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If you’ve had COVID in the last few months, you may still be dealing with symptoms.For a certain percentage of people, the infection can vary from lnovel coronavirusThis includes respiratory, neurological, digestive, and musculoskeletal problems that can last for weeks, months, or years.Headache became one of them Most reported symptoms After COVID infection.

“COVID-19-related headaches can take several forms, ranging from mild, dull headaches to acute, worst types of headaches,” they said. Joy Mitra Neurology Expert Houston Methodist Hospital. “The duration also varies from patient to patient.”

COVID infection often exacerbates existing headaches

If you are already prone to headaches, COVID infection is likely to make them worse. “People with pre-existing migraine headaches or suffering with varying levels of stress in their daily lives are reported to be the worst subset of COVID survivors, with long lasting headache episodes and negative tests. It can even take up to six months after becoming a full-time employee,” says Mitra.People with chronic health problems such as high blood pressure may also be more prone to headaches after COVID.

how to manage headaches

As Mitra advises, when dealing with headaches after an infection, common management strategies include eating healthy, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and avoiding stress, depending on the intensity or intensity of the headache. Helps reduce frequency. Pain management may include medication, especially for severe headaches. Rebound headache. Generally speaking, the advice is not to take headache meds more than twice a week. It is especially important to see a doctor.

when to see a doctor for your headache

If headaches are particularly painful or frequent, you should see a doctor. Also, talk to your doctor about headaches if you have other conditions that can make headaches worse, such as high blood pressure, stress disorders, insomnia, or if you have symptoms such as: ForgetfulnessAs Mitra advises, being as specific as possible about the frequency, duration and location of your headache will help your doctor make a proper assessment.

What You Need to Know About Recurrent Headaches After COVID

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