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What to say when a recruiter asks for salary requirements

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It could be the moment to provoke such a headlight deer, panic. You spend weeks scrolling through the job listings (except most of them), choosing some that fit your background and career path, tweaking and fine-tuning your cover letter 10 times, and finally the company. I got a bite from the recruitment manager of. You want to work Within five minutes of the vaguely named “introduction conversation” (actually just a screening call), they are nailed to the wall, “and what are your salary requirements?”

It’s a tricky place —You have to find a diplomatic reply that keeps running without shooting your feet in small numbers. As a job seeker, it is rewarding to have a wise answer that keeps you competing for that position while securing as many as possible.

How to find out what a position pays

First, you need to investigate the market and salary range of your position, just as you would bother and turn back. Companies want to know that you have done your homework, and you generally know what the position pays for. Robert Half, a human resources consulting firm, recommends: For federal data on industry wages, such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. again, 2022 Salary Guide from Robert Half To get the average national salary for the position you are looking for. “

How to Answer Salary Requirements Questions

Once you have this information, prepare for your response. There are some best practices recommended by career professionals.

Delay the question: If you’re just starting out with the interview process, it’s reasonable to say that you need more information before you can provide the expected salary. For example, “I want to learn more about my position and responsibilities so that I can provide more realistic expectations.” However, keep in mind that you can exclude positions that do not meet the minimum salary requirements, as you will eventually need to discuss salary and it is beneficial to speak openly about money early on.

Providing salary range: Specify a comfortable range instead of specifying one specific number. Employers are likely to choose the ones that are at the bottom of your range, so make sure your target number is close to the lowest number you provide. It offers a range with a gap of only $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 between the high end and the low end.

Invert the script: Many career experts recommend flipping the script over and getting it their First set the salary requirements. This is to avoid leaving money on the table for a small amount.Career coach Rosie McCarthy shares the following script about her Instagram page: “Before we elaborate on salaries, we need to have a better understanding of the exact scope of roles and responsibilities, and the content of the global package. ⁠I was thinking if you could share the scope of roles. Please let me know if it’s one. “Hopefully they will be involved in your inquiry and will not say” I just need a number “. (In my personal experience.) If they don’t play the ball, or if you want to take another tack, see below.

Provides negotiation options. Keeping in mind that salary is only part of the reward puzzle, tell us that we need to hear more about the entire package, including benefits, discretionary income, vacations, and other benefits before making a definitive decision. please give me. Certainly .com Here is an example: “I’m looking for a position that pays $ 75,000 to $ 80,000 a year, but I can also negotiate salaries for benefits, bonuses, equity, stock options, and other opportunities.”

When numbering: When you reach the end of the interview process and it’s time to determine the numbers, you may find that the first range or the numbers you specify are too low.In that case, start the response by telling the excitement about tHe summarizes and positions responsibilities and what you bring to the table.

Example: “I’m really excited about this opportunity. I respect the scope I’ve already discussed, but after listening to the scope of responsibility and considering my (X) years of experience excellent in a similar role, $ I think XX is a fair number. I’m sure my years of doing (XYZ) are ready to succeed in this position. “

So This is important: Don’t worry about them withdrawing your offer just because you advocate earning something of value. They are already devoted to screening and interviewing. They aren’t going to unplug just because you negotiate a salary. ((((Method is as follows.. ) This is a general and expected part of the process that we all have to work on.

What to say when a recruiter asks for salary requirements

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