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What to give to someone you don’t like, according to Reddit

According to Reddit, an image from an article titled

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subreddit r/GiftIdeas Not only is it a gift idea, it’s also a drama goldmine.there is mother-in-law rejecting all gifts, but also rejects the idea of ​​not giving gifts.of ‘A little disgusting’ brother-in-lawThe post was to start with “Unfortunately, I still have to give this asshole a gift.” If you, too, have a somewhat obnoxious giver in your life, Redditors have a suggestion for you.


“Donations in his name don’t actually get him anything.” Editor I have written. This is probably the most diplomatic solution.

There are two ways to choose a charity. One is to find something that appeals to the recipient’s interest. At the very least, make it feel like a personalized or relevant gift, even if the recipient isn’t happy with it. To quote the same reddit user, “You love working with computers, so I donated $50 in your name to this organization that teaches programming and more to kids in your city.” Donate to a food bank if you can’t think of an interest in doing so.they i need it.

Another option is to pick a charity they don’t like, or at least something that annoys them a little. girls who code For example, if your fellow coder is a bit sexist, or Reproductive Rights Center For those who are verbally against abortion.

self-help book

Whatever worries you about that person, there’s probably a book out there on how to fix that flaw yourself, or how to deal with the flaws of others.Taking the high road is reading this book yourself and discussing it with a therapist. Can be delivered directly to the giver.

there is a book called Toxic Step Parents. you’re welcome.

unpleasant gift

itchy socks, or an itchy sweater. A bad candle with a strong smell.Ann ugly picture Be asked every time you visit us.

a gift for someone really

One of the most evil genius suggestions I’ve seen for the bad half of a couple is to give them A gift card for your partner’s favorite restaurantYour sister should eat a good meal and your brother-in-law should smoke it.

Or go one step further and just buy them things for petsSee this brilliance:

I actually got an automatic cat feeder and an annoying puzzle toy for sale on Amazon. Technically, he’s the one who wakes up in the morning and feeds the cats, so I thought I could spin like it was really thoughtful, not really about him. It’s also an Amazon brand and has crappy reviews.

something that cannot be criticized

If your problem with the giver is that they complain about everything, give. framed photo of grandchildrenOr, heck, have a photo print on blanket.

troublesome for children

If your giftee has children, especially young children, focus your energy there. My little brother once gave my toddler something called “Glitter Sand Explosion.”It’s the kind of gift you want.)

As several parents have pointed out in these threads, flashy gifts aren’t always the way to go. Noise is nothing new. If it’s the battery…It’s a powered toy and you can end the misery by removing the batteries when your child isn’t looking. As parents, they deal with these things on a daily basis.

we actually Complete list of pasClick here for gift options for positive and proactive kidsI want something that takes up a lot of space, such as a giant dollhouse or clothes that can’t be worn until the child wears it. Next Year. Or anything that generates household chores and expenses, like craft kits that need oversight. It is desirable that there is some slime involved. And glitter.

What to give to someone you don’t like, according to Reddit

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