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What to do with your child this summer when you run out of ideas

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You may have reached that point in the summer. The kids lost the unlimited screen time, the fighting of water balloons, and even the pool when the school first left, the unlimited excitement they had. (And the referees brawled calmly at Nintendo Switch’s time, losing all the desire for who got more treats.) Eliminating the summer slump and little kids without long road trips Here are some useful and less maintenance-friendly ideas to keep you occupying. Money, or a degree in Pinterest.

Backyard Camp: Every summer, children ask when they go camping. Every summer, I forget my schedule between trips to see my grandparents, weekend baseball games, and family vacations. Fortunately, you don’t have to rent a campsite on the weekends and pack half of your pantry into the trunk. Just set up a tent, break a flashlight or sleeping bag, make S’mores, or recreate your backyard experience. You don’t even have to use a glorious detached house covered with spider webs.

Choose your own fruit: Visit a local farm (after calling or checking their website to find out what the season is and what you can choose) and load the kids for a berry and corn harvesting experience. If the farm allows, we’ll pack lunch and blankets and have a picnic in the shade. By the time I get home, I have a few hours to go to bed.

Make homemade jam: You need to make something out of freshly harvested fruits on the farm.After you Collect supplies and set up a workspace With the necessities, children can participate in many steps of the process. From berry rinsing, draining and mashups to jar counting, lid cleaning and jam jar scooping.

Create a time capsule. Give your child a mission: Save this period and remind them of what life was like when they were young. Now prosecute them by collecting the “artifacts” of life. From family photos and school art projects to vacation memorabilia, your favorite Mad Libs, and future letters to yourself. Please be grateful.

Shoot a stop motion animated movie: Depending on the age, children can kill a lot of time Create your own stop motion animation flick..With free apps such as Stop MotionStudioKids can create stories, collect important LEGO and Beanie Boos, arrange them according to the scene, take pictures, take more pictures with minor changes and move the plot forward.

Host Pool Noodles-Palooza: Create a friendly competition day with a handful of bubbles Pool noodles..Using them Create an obstacle course, Frisbee raceTry flipping the challenge, or tape them together with a makeshift basketball hoop and sink the three pointers. You can also cut them in half to create a marble lace track.

Conduct a research project: If your child is old enough to look up things (and understand the results) on Google, let them study the topic of their choice and present a “report.” It could be about their favorite athletes, musicians, food, or destinations for future trips.Give them a time limit and allow them to sit your Desks for conducting their studies can feel like a pretty adult privilege to children who are usually driven away while working from home.

Create a nature explorer kit. Children will be equipped with binoculars, magnifying glass, paper pads, a camera, and a backpack containing a plastic container that can collect natural “samples”. Take a picture, collect a sample, Or complete Scavenger hunt (Difficulty changes according to age). When they’re done, reward them with your favorite desserts and movies.

host Backyard movie night: With a rented or rented projector (It has some important technical specifications) You can show your child’s favorite movies on portable projection screens, taped white sheets, or even the sides of your home. Get some chairs, sleeping bags, insect repellent sprays, pillows and popcorn for a memorable movie night under the stars.

What to do with your child this summer when you run out of ideas

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