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What to do now to prepare your car for winter

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winter is just around the corner, While stocking up on kids snowsuits and taking measures to remove drafts from your home, We also need to do some things to prepare the car for the seasonCars require special care during the winter months. No matter how much you want to stay inside, we will deliver to and from your destination. Here are some things to think about now so you’re ready to run your car in the cold weather.

Start with tires

according to performance plus tiresthere are 3 things you should do Things to do to make sure your tires are ready In the snowy and freezing season:

  • Make sure you inflate it properly as it has traction. important to get over the snow.
  • Always have chains in your car in case of a sudden snowstorm.
  • Align your wheels to maintain control and handling in icy conditions.

You can also consider whether it’s time for a completely new set of tires.—Pick up a tread depth gauge on your tire and determine if the wear exceeds 4/32 inch. This can lead to less stability.

create an emergency kit

Even if you live in an urban area and don’t anticipate being stuck in snow with no exit, you should be prepared for the worst.. put emergency supplies in the trunk Now you always have them. per almanacshould be included in the kit:

  • Spare blankets, mittens, socks and hats
  • ice scraper and snow brush
  • Flashlight (with spare batteries)
  • jumper cable
  • first aid kit
  • bottled water
  • multi tool
  • Road flares and reflection warning triangles
  • windshield cleaner
  • sand bag (for towing)
  • folding shovel
  • hand warmer

Checking and cleaning the battery

One way to avoid getting stuck and needing that kit is to make sure your battery is in good working order.. family handyman We recommend testing your battery with a computerized battery tester (or bringing your car in for a professional evaluation) and replacing if necessary —Previous It gets cold.clean the battery terminals If you remove the negative cable, Clean the terminal post using a positive cable, battery cleaning tool or wire brush, then clean. Remove grease and acid before reinstalling the positive cablethen negative Also. (You can also ask a mechanic do this.)

Prepare windows, latches and hinges

In winter, fcold water can get into the windows truck, can damage the window regulator cable.Lubricate the window track with a spray silicone or dry teflon spray by lowering the window and shooting towards the front and a back window truck. Open and close the window several times to spread the lubricant. For your safety, do this with your lock even if you normally use the remote control to access your vehicle.

Finally, lubricate all latches and hinges. If your car won’t start when it’s cold outside, you don’t want to find yourself struggling to open the hood at that moment. Your local auto store has all the lubes suitable for these various parts.

check the coolant

Coolant is what protects the engine from freezing and cracking. It’s essential in winter, so make sure you have plenty of it. coolant test strip Very cheap and easy to use. Shows whether the coolant is still suitable for antifreeze. If not, get new coolant immediately.

What to do now to prepare your car for winter

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