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What to do if you have a recalled DeWALT miter saw

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When using power tools, understand that you are working with potentially dangerous equipment and (ideally) take appropriate safety precautions. We also know that even if someone has decades of experience using it, the user can still make his errors and mishaps. But don’t expect the tool itself to turn you on.

Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening to certain DeWALT miter saw owners, and has prompted the company to recall about 1.4 million units. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) NoticeHere’s what you need to know about the major power tool recalls and what to do if you own one of the saws in question.

Why is the DeWALT Miter Saw recalled?

DeWALT is recalling approximately 1.4 million 12-inch slide compound miter saws. This is because the safety guard at the rear of the tool can break or become dislodged, resulting in a projectile being fired at the user or a bystander with direct contact hazard. with a blade CPSC report.

As of August 4th, DeWALT has received 571 reports of this defect and safety issue. Laceration. Saws were sold at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other hardware stores. Nationwide and online, as well as on Amazon and other online retailers, From April 2019 to May 2022, the cost of Between $600 and $820.

Which DeWALT miter saws are recalled?

of Recalled DeWALT Miter Saw It is yellow with black accents and a company logo and meets all of the following criteria:

  • date code Between 2019 04 and 2022 04
  • model number: DWS779, DWS780, DHS790
  • Do not have green dot on the nameplate
  • Do not have sunspot on the arm of the saw

The model number is printed on the saw nameplate.

The date code for DWS779 and DWS780 models is located on the black plastic motor end cap next to the nameplate. The DHS790 model date code is marked on the outside of the plastic yellow housing next to the battery.

What to do if you own one of the recalled saws

If miter saws are included in the recall, discontinue use immediately.

DeWALT will be contacting known purchasers directly, but it is unclear when that will be. The customer is provided with a free repair kit or must bring the saw to her DeWALT service center for repair.

DeWALT can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ET 800-990-6421, or Website recall page.

What to do if you have a recalled DeWALT miter saw

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