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What to do if you are dismissed or dismissed (and do not do)

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What is said can be devastating, whether “restructuring” leads to layoffs or whether your own ability to perform jobs brings you a boot. Your time at the company suddenly ended. It is important to consider how to respond to such news But before that happens, y yOur reaction at that moment is important and you The time and day that will last.Here’s what to do if you quit your job..

Don’t melt in front of your employer

The news can be a big shock, but it’s best not to get angry.You may think it doesn’t matter, and you should burn all your bridges on the spot because you have nothing to lose — but you conduct I still have something to lose..

“For now, take a deep breath and try not to react.” Said human resources Expert Tim Sackett, of HRUTech.. “Maybe you need something from the people who just ended you. It may be helpful and it may help your profits. No matter how much you want to do, that Don’t burn the bridge. “

Behind the scenes, Sackett explained that because employers and recruitment managers communicate frequently, sudden moves on your side can follow your reputation.ly. No matter how angry you may be, don’t make the end of one job the reason why another job doesn’t land.

Ask questions and get answers in writing if possible

You might think that the best option is to run around the tail, but even if you feel, you have to watch this conversation all the time. Depressed, panicked, or embarrassed.Ask questions that begin with why This is an incident. Ask the person in charge of human resources for a written response. If you get a written answer that doesn’t match what you’re actually told, dispute in writing right away.Even better, if you were fired directly, ask If you can record the conversation for your record.

Ask the question gently, but directly. for example: “I was really disappointed to hear this. Can you tell me exactly why I was fired?” The answer may be hard to hear.It’s important to understand why this happened. That way, you can avoid such companies in the future or tackle the performance issues that led to the ax.

You also need to know the next steps. Ask if you have a severance pay, what your profits will be, and when liquidation is expected.Ideally, there should be no confusion on either side by the end of the meeting...

Give yourself time to handle it before you start work

Your affairs department may provide you with information about your application Unemployment allowanceBut if not, You have to find out for yourself.It may or may not be, depending on the reason for the termination. Qualified, but Investigate it..

If you believe you have been dismissed for illegal reasons such as discrimination, please contact your employment lawyer. Even in so-called “at-will” employment conditions, illegal dismissals can occur. In New York, for example, you cannot be dismissed for reasons of discrimination or retaliation. The employer must have a “just cause” to dismiss you.

In addition to these two steps, you need to start thinking Your next career move. Unemployment benefits can’t keep you forever, and if you have either qualification, you can’t make large legal payments. Plus, Both of these options are time consuming.

“Build the most reliable unemployment story possible and rejuvenate your network.” Sackett said..in reality People quit their jobs every day. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s your company’s fault, sometimes it’s your boss’s fault or the economy, but in reality, until you tell them to believe something else, everyone The first impression is your fault. “

He claimed that “truth is always the best”, but Sackett admitted that “there are many versions of” truth “”, so choose the mildest version and do it. “I want to own the part I’m responsible for because I take some ownership of something else in a positive way in the whole situation. The most important thing is to keep it simple and straightforward. . “

For more information on when and how to fudge the truth, This is a guide to whether (Or how much) You should lie to your next job interview..

What to do if you are dismissed or dismissed (and do not do)

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