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What to do if the cabin of an airplane is full of fog

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Fear of flying is realistic and debilitating, even though millions of people ride large jets without problems each year.There are many posts fact When Tip Designed to Help people who are stressed about air travel (include Direct advice from the pilot) However, it does not include advice on what to do if the inside of the plane becomes hot and humid, cloudy, or cloudy. Yes: The trigger for new flight-related anxieties has just fallen.

Ann Instantly viral Reddit posts I recently showed you the cabin of a “foggy” plane. The poster was pretty casual about it — “the plane I’m in is very foggy for some reason” — but this is so rare that most of us especially thought of it. Maybe some of the commenters were a little more worried because there isn’t. Here’s what to do if this happens:

Why is the cabin of an airplane foggy?

The good news here is that there is a reasonable explanation for a foggy plane. This kind of thing is more common than you think, so it gets infected with the virus every few years.Airline spokesperson Told to CNN In 2016, the foggy cabins photographed by passengers at the time were the result of humid outside temperatures interacting with the cold air inside the cabin.

One travel blogger Told their first experience Last year’s mist said, “Water vapor and dew point, condensation, etc. [they] I learned it in high school. “

All you need to know is that this is simply the result of the air where different temperatures and levels of humidity meet.It’s actually good Be cool enough for your plane to cause that effect. Not only do you want a cool flight for your personal comfort, but you want it for the well-being of every part that keeps the plane moving.

Dave Powell, a former Boeing 777 captain and dean of the Department of Aviation at Western Michigan University, said: Explained to points guy This happens “always”, but it’s more likely to happen when you’re departing from a warm, humid climate, because the arriving flights are weather-controlled for hours everywhere.

What to do in the cabin of a foggy plane

There is no danger of this misty fog-like annoyance, but if you are nervous the first time you see it, you can understand it. But in reality, the fog comes out of all kinds of vents, not just airplanes. According to manufacturing giant GEShould be cleared “within 1-2 minutes”.

It’s okay to take a breath, but if you’re really nervous, ask your flight attendants what’s going on. They have really seen it all, and will be able to ease your fears. Just looking at the flight attendants can help. Because if the flight attendants aren’t bugged out, you shouldn’t.

Focus on yourself and your anxiety —Here is a simple breathing method that can help you fight your flying fears.. (Repeat, nothing happens when you inhale the fog.) The original Reddit thread poster said “The crew has never mentioned fog,” but as you do, they landed safely and soundly.

What to do if the cabin of an airplane is full of fog

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