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What to do if swallowed by a humpback whale

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Commercial lobster diver Michael Packard claims to have been scooped up by a humpback whale While he was Last summer I went diving in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Speaking of his experience He told a local Boston TV station, “I felt this huge ridge and everything went dark. Then I felt around, and I noticed that I had no teeth, and I really didn’t feel much pain. And I noticed, “Oh my god, I’m in the whale’s mouth. I’m in the whale’s mouth and he’s trying to swallow me.”

The odds of being swallowed by a humpback whale are very low, Possible-And tThere is no downside to preparing in case you find yourself on the other side of the whale’s mouth. I talked to PhD Student Valeria Pass At Florida International University about How you should react to the chance that it happens to you.

The best way to avoid being swallowed by whales

beginning, Whales are not interested in eating people — hAmpback whales do not target humans I just accidentally swallow it (If it’s comfort). Humpback whales eat in a process called “filter feeding.” This process takes in a huge mass of seawater densely populated with krill and other small fish and squeezes it through a baleen. And swallow their catch. The only way you can get into their mouth is if you are in their feeding path.

The first solution is Brush up the movement pattern of whales. Pazu explains: “When humpback whales swim in certain areas only during certain seasons, [they’re in your region] It will help. “By knowing their Migration patternYou can do it Measure if You should even expect to see humpback whales while diving.In that case you that is When diving during the humpback whale season, it is recommended that the pass stay away from the muddy waters. She says. “Imagine if you can’t really see you, whales can’t see you either. If they’re feeding in the area and it’s cloudy, don’t be near them. Is probably the best. “

What to do if swallowed by a whale

Even if swallowed by a humpback whale, not all hope is lost. According to Paz, she puts you in the possibility of leaving her encounter completely intact at about 50/50. “If whales detect that a human is in their mouth, they hope they will open their mouth immediately rather than being crushed,” she explains. You’ll want to do whatever you can to show that the humpback whale has swallowed something atypical.

“I personally tried some strong moves, perhaps using my arms and legs, to show that I was there,” says Pass. She went on to explain that you don’t have to worry about injuring a whale (if that’s your concern), as the damage a person can do from the inside isn’t that great. In addition, the reason humpback whales usually eat small fish and krill is that they cannot swallow larger ones. Whales will not be able to completely put a human in the stomach, as their throat can only extend to about 15 inches in diameter. The greatest risk that arises in this situation is being scratched by a bristle-like beard plate instead of teeth.If you can calm down and avoid these baleens, you can not just get out, but make a decent shot. Injuries are minimal, but we’ll move away from it with the killer story we’ll tell at our next cocktail party.

What to do if swallowed by a humpback whale

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