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What to do if a nuclear missile hits your city

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Have you ever wondered what you do? you It was Just care about your own business as a resident of a major metropolitan area look To see the missile come straight to you? Well, you are lucky: This week, New York City’s Emergency Management Department released new guidance on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

There is a possibility of being hit by a nuclear weapon, New York City As low Zack Iscol, New York City Emergency Management Commissioner, said in a statement: “As the threat situation continues to evolve, New Yorkers know that they are preparing for an imminent threat and providing the resources they need to be secure and informed. Is important. ”What comes with the statement 90 seconds video What to do if this rare event happens — advice applicable to all city dwellers..The Guidance is summarized in three keys Point (Spoiler Note: It’s not exactly comforting or solid guidance).

go inside

Men In the case of a nuclear attack, tFirst guidance from NYCEM Immediately yourself and yours Family in the building as soon as. A Cars are not a viable alternativeIf you can, you’ll want to go inside a big building, Away from Windows.

Be inside

When you safely enter a building or a large structure, Please do not leave.. NYCEM recommends closing and heading all doors and windows For basements, or if there is no basement, Towards In the middle of the building as much as possible. If you were outside during the blast, Try to take a shower as soon as possible..After washing thoroughly with soap and shampoo, it is recommended to store all the clothes you wore outside in a bag. Keeps radioactive dust and ash away from your body.

Please look forward to media coverage

When you enter safely The next cleanup guidance is to follow the media for more information on how to continue. As a precaution, NYCEM recommends that you sign up for a free official emergency alert in your preferred language and format. nyc.gov/notifynyc. Organization It is advisable to stay out until the authorities have all revealed that it is safe to leave the building.

What to do if a nuclear missile hits your city

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