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What to do (and what not to do) with the visible roots of your lawn

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Most roots tend to grow (and stay) Underground, sometimes things belonging to trees can go to the surface. This isn’t always noticeable in the woods (unless you’re walking on a trail and you happen to stumble), but seeing tree roots emerge from the lawn is another story.

If you can see the roots of the tree on the lawn, do the following: Equally important, there are some things to avoid.

Why do you see tree roots on your lawn?

Formally, these are known as “surface roots” and when they emerge from the basement and spread over parts of the lawn, they not only cause safety problems (something else for people to stumble). (Providing things), making it difficult to cut your grass. So what about these roots? And why are they on the other side of the ground?

according to Diana AlfsUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Agricultural Research Institute Horticultural Educator, Largest and Mature Tree Develop surface rootsBut it is especially common in species like poplar, willow and silver maple.

Most of the roots of trees usually grow horizontally and remain intact 4 to 15 inches above the soil. Protected underground, but Oxygen that penetrates the surface Of the soil. However, when the soil is compressed, heavier, or not drained effectively, the roots gradually move closer to the surface.

“Every year, the roots of the tree grow thick like a trunk, eventually breaking the surface and making it look like a lawn.” Alfuth writes.. “Soil erosion on the root system is another cause of surface roots.”

Do not hurt the roots of the tree

Don’t do anything like Hurt the roots of the treeinclude:

  • Trying to dig them up
  • Cut, chop, or prun them
  • Use a rotary tiller for them or adjacent areas
  • Turn them over with a lawn mower or tractor

How to protect the roots of a tree

If you are sticking to regaining that area for your lawn, the key to making it possible is to protect the roots on the surface of the tree. One way to do this is Spread the shallow layer of topsoil Around the exposed roots and above — enough to be covered with about 0.5 inches of soil.

Be careful not to cover the roots on the surface of that too But a lot of soil —It chokes the tree and can hurt or kill it. Also, keep in mind that the roots of the tree grow thicker each year and can return to the surface, so you will need to do this again in the future.

You can also stop trying to grow grass in that part of the garden and instead cover the area with mulch or wood chips. Another option is to use larger rocks and bricks to create a clear border around the roots of the surface. Let the roots do them..

What to do (and what not to do) with the visible roots of your lawn

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