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What is your best survival strategy for sick parenting?

What is your best survival strategy for sick parenting?Image of the article titled

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One of the most difficult parts of being a parent is raising a child when you are ill. At least in theory, parenting is a 24-hour job, unlike a job where you can rest a day for rest and recovery. that is Backup options, illnesses are criticized.Add a huge number of illnesses Your child will take you home From day care Parenting turns into a non-stop blur that keeps your child alive while surviving the latest nasty viruses...

The first big illness It was RSV that my son brought home. He had a mild temperature for about a day, but he quickly bounced back, but my own infection turned into bronchitis. For the next few days, his son was cruising inside the house in a baby shark costume (which happened to be Halloween). I spent time on the couch, coughing the storm and trying to put it all together Until my husband can go home and take over..

My son’s diaper was stickier than it should be, his bottle came only after he started screaming, and one of my main strategies for keeping One Piece was 15 before he started. It was to stab him into the baby jumper that had been occupying him for a minute, crying again.

A few months later my son got the flu and immediately gave it to me —only this time, My husband was out of town on a business trip. As before, my son quickly bounced off and left me in a hurry to take care of him while feeding sick and enthusiastic nights and more. I still don’t remember how we handled it, but we are still alive and united.

This was almost a pattern throughout my parenting journey — my kid He gave me countless times, including streptococci, stomach insects, bronchitis, and the flu. We all got COVID-19 for the latest installments of parenting during illness. For a week my husband and I lay down on the couch and could hardly move, but a boy who was mildly ill for about a day destroyed the house. Someday I’ll remove the last marker graffiti from the wall, but until then it stands as a monument to survival.

BBecause I almost have to deal with this again-Certainly not too far in the future — and I know I’m not the only one — I’ll come to you for advice. WThe hat is your Strategy, tips, A trick to raise a child when you are sick?Veteran parents, leave comment To help me and others below Parents of small children To survive these times better.. WRound them up to share In a future post.

What is your best survival strategy for sick parenting?

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