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What is TikTok’s “Blackout Challenge”?

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If you haven’t done so already, you’re starting to hear a lot about the so-called “blackout challenge” that is causing the fuss online. TikTok is allegedly sued by the family of two deceased girls. Because of the virus challenge. The family calls the app’s algorithm “dangerous,” and social media Jaguar Notes blame the children for their death.

What is a Blackout Challenge?

The blackout challenge is one of many social media challenges in recent years, but it’s not entirely new. Like the following “Skull breaker challenge“”Tidepod Challenge,” Also Any of their likes, This appeared on social media and panicked parents.And like the rest Of them, this is Stupid dangerous: People are encouraged to hold their breath until they faint. And use Squeeze the belt or purse.

This challenge has two points that are more noteworthy than some of its predecessors. Reported dead For it since 2021 There is a corresponding product before TikTok. In 2008, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues press release A warning against a “choking game” that was essentially the same. At least 82 people, according to the CDC They were dead for the “game” by the time they issued a national warning.

Why is TikTok sued?

TikTok faces multiple proceedings from parents claiming that their child died in strangulation after attempting a challenge.App person in charge Said Washington post Blocking users from searching for challenges.I tried searching with the app myself And “Blackout Challenge” were auto-populated in the search bar, but no video results Showed that someone is actually trying the challenge.Still, the problem teethn’t Children may search for videos, but clips may be provided to children via algorithms.

TikTok spokesperson Said people“This nasty’challenge’, where people seem to be learning from sources other than TikTok, Long before our platform It wasn’t a trend on TikTok. We will continue to pay attention to our commitment to user safety and remove relevant content as soon as we find it. “

What can parents do?

While discussing whether social media apps are the cause of dangerous content Continue (And this discussion is specifically conducted through the legal system), there are specific steps parents can take now to protect their children.

Talk frankly and honestly with your children about the dangers of the challenge..Work with them on strategies to identify dangerous pranks and trends-favorite You are asked to join the video without knowing the word “challenge” or what will happen— And respond to peer pressure in a way that feels comfortable yet solid. Lifehacker’s Meghan Walbert has great tips on how to make these conversations. here.. Remember that digital native kids are pretty good at it Behind the parental controlsSo don’t count on them completely Stop the child From seeing something dangerous.

What is TikTok’s “Blackout Challenge”?

Source link What is TikTok’s “Blackout Challenge”?

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