What is the worst wedding guest fake pass you have ever seen?

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It’s the wedding season, and you know what it means. Around the country, people quit their jobs, bought (or rented) expensive new guys, saw a former bachelor friend say “I do”, and fell in love with the hors d’oeuvres that passed by, Macalena and The moment of the electric slide they swore not to participate.

There’s a lot written about what you shouldn’t do as a wedding host (see: Don’t provide enough food, get guests to pay for drinks, invite people to bachelor parties or bachelor parties , Do not invite to weddings), focus here wedding The guests.. Those friends, close family members, and the distant cousins ​​your mom invited you to make the party after the wedding a memorable one.

Weddings aren’t much fun without our nearest loved ones nearby, but whenever we invite dozens (or hundreds) of people to a party, old college roommates and expansions Someone has to do strange things along the line of the family. Wedding guests can make the day a little more difficult or terribly astonishing than necessary, even if it’s not as prominent as being intoxicated by a power outage and giving rambling, inconsistent speeches. ..

Now, if you’re only ever attended Weddings, some of these fakes can be hard to find. But when you plan or host a wedding (yourself or someone else’s) Several Etiquette failures are more apparent.

Something like: Failed to confirm attendance, After that, it will be displayed with an uninvited plus one. Ignoring the wedding register, the couple spent days together in favor of voluntarily buying the kettle you like (or worse: don’t offer any gifts). .. Appeared late (or early), did not specify dietary restrictions in advance, dressed and made a text message or phone call to the bride or groom in the morning-weather-, Or questions related to the venue. And how can you take this opportunity to forget about those who make big announcements, cite divorce statistics, or casually violate the “no children” rule?

Please let us know in the comments below Our worst wedding The guests From mundane executive politics to prominent foul play, the fake daddy you’ve experienced, and we’ll round up the best in future “don’t-do” posts. After all, all future couples will harass DJs, send text messages during weddings, and disturb professional photographers. yours An important day on social media.

What is the worst wedding guest fake pass you have ever seen?

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