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What is the unwritten rule of driving etiquette?

What is your unwritten rule of driving etiquette?Image of the article titled

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We are all Get a little better driver.. Indeed, eVery driver knows (hopefully) written Road rules. TThe Raffic method is there Use the turn signal, stop at the stop sign, and —At least in some places— Maintain the sacredness of the left lane as an overtaking lane.All I’m interested in right now You may not be able to pull you, but you are sure to make you a dislike.

Direction indicator, Appropriate merging techniqueFriendly “Thank you for letting me passWave: There is a baseline of human dignity that you owe to other drivers on the road. Again, there is good reason for everyone to cut off someone and sometimes speed up. (However, I have done calculations before, and in fact, Speed ​​violations don’t really help you reach your destination much faster.. ) Ultimately, at any speed you It’s perfect to go. Everyone who is faster than you is a maniac, and anyone who is slower than you is an idiot. all right.

And what about etiquette for the passengers in your car?When someone puts their foot on the dashboard, or Is it a surefire way to revoke a shotgun privilege? Do passengers need a driver’s license before eating in the car? Who controls the music?

Dear Lifehacker readers, we encourage you to take advantage of your Road Rage in the comments. Unwritten) Driving rules? Are you the only driver who knows how parking works? What do you need to rely on the horn? (I highly recommend A bit of comedian Katrina Davis About the need for another car horn to admit our own mistakes. )

Maybe it’s been a long time I took the driver’s edition. nevertheless, many “”rule” Of the road that wasn’t even covered by your driving test.After sifting through your answers, I will summarize the best unwritten rules of driving I will publish it in a post next week. Maybe We can find some things in common that driving makes us all smoke a little less.

What is the unwritten rule of driving etiquette?

Source link What is the unwritten rule of driving etiquette?

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