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What is the relationship “pink flag” (and what can you do about them)?

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We all know about the “danger signal”, a sign that someone is not a great partner.The list of potential danger signals is long, because talking to the original person is too fast, because you can’t admit when someone is wrong. And often discussed..But You may never have I heard about the “pink flag” —something Maybe … It turns to the area of ​​danger signals, but is benign enough to be understood and resolved. conduct the work.

What is a pink flag?

The sexual health organization Condoms.uk recently asked for a little digging into the idea of ​​the pink flag. Share their research results For those dating who want to understand their partners and get a better sense of longevity and compatibility in their relationship.

Here’s what you need to know: NescooperA sex consultant’s clinical sexologist and relationship coach said the pink flag is “a flag that can look like a red flag until you really know who it is and why it’s behind it. It’s something big about it. It’s a place where you can feel your concerns and worries, but it’s actually okay after communication.. “

A true danger signal —Like a display of violence or atrocities —I’m not okayEven if there is communication. The pink flag is a display or characteristic that can be spoken.

What is an example of a pink flag?

Every Condoms.ukPink, such as language discrepancies that convey love, lack of communication, and differences in beliefs, whether religious, political, or related to the perception of what is “right” and “wrong.” Pay attention to the flag.

Oh, and in your case Partners are still friends with their ex, experts also say it’s a pink flag.It’s not Exactly Bad or wrong, but better understand why they chose to stay friends, understand if they are still in love with the previous flames, and if you’re happy with it You need to discuss it to determine if.

Luck WilsonDivine Relating’s Relationship Coach said: This is mainly the “pink” flag. “

Some, according to her, are easy to manage and can be navigated “at no major sacrifice”, while others are not.

What can you do about the pink flag?

If someone is displaying a danger signal such as narcissistic, secretive, or violent, you can just go away-and you should. However, the pink flag is a little different. These issues do not completely interfere with the transaction.For example, it can be difficult to disagree about politics and religion.But in many cases it is not an insurmountable barrier to lifelong well-being.

First, do a little self-audit. Identify not only the pink and red flags your partner is showing you, but how you really feel about them. If so, you think you can get it done, You may be able to get a lot of things done. Then have an open and honest conversation with them, whatever your concerns about your disagreement beliefs, your ongoing friendship with their ex, or the pink flag.

Wilson says that some pink flags are capable of moving past, some just aren’t.that’s ok.. Even after communicating and actively tackling the problem, the best answer is just to leave.

Is the pink flag obvious in other kinds of relationships?

The pink flag can also appear in your friendship. If your friends aren’t available often, the values ​​don’t match, or they are torn between friendship circles, they are pink flags, not necessarily red flags. If you are pushed away, ignored, or otherwise hurt, you should talk to a friend. However, if a friend is placed in an abusive, selfish, unpleasant situation or reveals a secret throughout the city, they are a danger signal. Rethink that friendship as soon as possible.

The same applies to work. Identify the difference between pink and red flags in professional space. You can talk to your boss about being able to take more vacation, or your concern that you are not eligible for your job as those things fall into the pink category. If your boss manages your personal life, if you have trouble getting paid, or if you are abused or otherwise improperly treated, they are It is a danger signal. Consider looking for a new job.

All this in summary is to reconstruct the way you look at your relationship a bit. Not everything is properly divided between perfection and trading-preliminary report.You can expect some annoyance, but at least you don’t have to abandon your relationship, friendship, or job without first trying to talk about some more solutions.can problem.

What is the relationship “pink flag” (and what can you do about them)?

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