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What is the most basic equipment you need to work out at home?

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If you want to build a home gym, I have suggestions on where to start and what to buy nextBut what if all you need is the bare minimum of equipment to get a decent workout done at home? Find out if there is a specific type of workout you want to do. Kettlebells are often recommended for minimalist home gyms, but they’re also great for exercise programs that vary sets and repetitions because they can’t add weight gradually. However, you’ll need to buy multiple pairs of different sizes to get started, or use expensive adjustable sets.

so Itheir Let’s get this down to basics, so you have Several options for each.

I need a way to do cardio

I love strength training, but cardio is probably more important, so I need to figure that out first. at least 150 minutes per week of A few It’s a form of cardio, even if it’s a brisk walk every morning.

You need to make sure the cardio mode you choose is one you don’t dislike. For example, which of the following can you imagine doing for 30 minutes multiple times a week?

  • Dance and aerobics videos: a Comfortable shoes and space to do videos.
  • Cycling: spin bike or air bike.
  • Rowing: rower.

If you have another favorite cardio machine, like the Elliptical or Skierg, you’ll get an idea. Whatever you choose, you can try it out before committing. Many inexpensive, space-saving cardio machines are flimsy and don’t have much range of motion.

how to practice pushing

Push-ups are a classic push exercise and can be done at home without any equipment. Do different variations, such as diamond push-ups and leg-up push-ups, and make the exercise harder as you get used to it. For another type of bodyweight push workout, consider where you do your dips. You can buy dip bars (these tend to take up a lot of space) or a pair of rings.

But sometimes you want to push harder in other directions, such as overhead presses or incline presses. Weights really help here. Dumbbell sets allow you to do bench presses, overhead presses, and more.You are can While you manage vertical pushing by moving to a pike or handstand push-up, many people prefer the convenience of pushing a pair of heavy kettlebells or dumbbells.

In general, when buying weights, you want something that you can lift for 3-10 reps.As you get stronger, you’ll be able to lift the same weight 12 or 15 times, but if you need to go far beyond that, you’ll feel like you’re working hard.

How to do pull exercise

You can row with dumbbells or kettlebells, but some of the best pull exercises you can do at home use your body as a weight. Pull-ups are classic and if you’re not ready to do a full pull-up yet, you can do them with your feet on a chair for assistance. The pull-up of the is another option.

To do a pull-up, you need a pull-up bar. There are removable bars that you can plug into your doorway, but I highly recommend the type that bolts to the door frame. However patch the hole before leaving. )

Another option if you don’t like pullups is Suspension trainer like TRX setThese are great for a variety of pull exercises, including bodyweight rows that are a great alternative to pull-ups. The TRX can be attached to a door jamb or hung from a pull-up bar. Gymnastic rings can also be hung from a pull-up bar, but you may want to find space for them outside and have more room than the door jamb.

how to train legs

your feet strongAir squats can’t keep you busy for that long, and single-leg squats tend to put more strain on your knees.maybe it’s just me but i will Hate Create an exercise program around pistol and shrimp squats. )

Heavy weights are very helpful here. You can do goblet squats with large dumbbells or kettlebells, or use lighter weights for one-sided exercises such as Bulgarian split squats (squats with feet on the back bench), lunges, and Romanian deadlifts on one leg or kickstand.leg exercises from Work out in our gym Useful as a substitute for squats and deadlifts.

In my opinion, the biggest mistake people make when buying home exercise equipment is going too light. It’s an upper body workout first, but you need to be pretty heavy to train your legs. So consider buying dumbbells weighing 50 pounds or more, or equivalent kettlebells. The 24 kg kettlebell (53 lbs) offers many options. 32 kg (72 lbs) might be better.

Another great option, if you can shake it, is a sandbag. Consider buying one if (and/or if you’re looking for a quality leak proof bag). You can lift the bag, carry the bag, or even squat while hugging the bag.


Everything else is optional, but may help.

Resistance bands are great for pulling bands apart. that’s all Optional, but this is great for adding extra work to your upper back. Similarly booty band It shouldn’t be the center of your lower body workout, but it’s great for band walks (where you walk sideways or zigzag around a band).d leg) as a warm-up or supplemental move.

The bench helps with Bulgarian split squats, foot-assisted pull-ups, and dumbbell bench presses. That said, in a pinch you can replace the first two of him with regular chairs to do a “bench” press on the floor.

A yoga mat is a perfect addition to your exercise corner. If you have a space that is permanently dedicated to exercise, consider providing a connecting rubber or foam mat to provide comfortable footing and prevent the dumbbells from rolling around on the floor each time you lower them. please.

If you really like jumping rope, jump rope Add to your cardio options. If you want to try core training, abu wheel may be in your alley. Also, if you do a lot of yoga and stretching, you might appreciate blocks, straps and a nice yoga he mat.

What is the most basic equipment you need to work out at home?

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