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What is Novavax? Is it better than other COVID vaccines?

Healthcare professionals prepare a dose of Nuvaxovid vaccine from Novavax.

Healthcare professionals prepare a dose of Nuvaxovid vaccine from Novavax.
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The FDA has just approved a COVID vaccine called Novavax, and the government has just approved it. Secured 3.2 million doses.. This gives you a fourth option to get vaccinated against COVID. So what is it, how effective is it, and who should consider getting it?

Like the Pfizer vaccine, the Novabax vaccine is given twice at 3-week intervals. Approved for people over the age of 18, the company says they are working on boosters and vaccines for children. The FDA has given Nuvavax an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), the same designation that was obtained when other COVID vaccines were first available. The next step is to determine if the CDC recommends this vaccine. The vaccine should be generally available after the green light scheduled for next week.

How is Novavax different from other COVID vaccines?

The biggest difference is how the vaccine works. So far, there are two mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and one DNA vaccine (Johnson and Johnson). The Novavax vaccine takes a different approach: it is protein-based.

All vaccines trigger the immune system to produce antibodies against the coronavirus peaplomer. mRNA vaccine provides instructions As our body builds proteins (in the form of RNA), at that point our immune system recognizes the proteins as invaders and initiates the desired immune response.Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Provides instructions in DNA formatPackaged inside an inactivated cold virus.

In contrast, Novavax provides the peaplomer itself, along with an adjuvant made from the Kiraya tree. (The job of the adjuvant is to enhance the immune response. Many non-COVID vaccines also include certain adjuvants.) This vaccine requires the company to actually produce all the spike proteins. Therefore, it took a long time to manufacture. Insect cells included (There is no insect part left in the vaccine).Using a similar process Some flu vaccines..

Is there any reason to want this instead of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine?

Uh … in the US, that’s not the case. If you postpone the COVID vaccine because you don’t trust the mRNA technology (which should now be obvious, but it’s very safe), this is teeth A type of vaccine made by a process similar to other more traditional vaccines. Also, if you are allergic to the ingredients of other vaccines, this may be a good option as it contains a variety of ingredients.

The safety and efficacy of the Novavax vaccine does not appear to be much different from other COVID vaccines. Common side effects are similar to the possible side effects (myocarditis, anaphylaxis if allergic to the ingredients) (malaise, arm pain). Those reactions are still very rare.

In other parts of the world where the supply of mRNA vaccines is limited or ultra-low temperature storage is difficult to achieve. Novavax is a good option to have.. Can be stored at the temperature of the refrigerator.

The bottom line is that this is just another vaccine. If you have the option to get it, it’s probably a good choice. But at this point, it’s a kind of issue, as most people who want a COVID vaccine have the vaccine. However, when it’s time to update your boosters, it’s interesting to see if your Novavax boosters are better than other boosters. However, those shots are not yet available and the data is still incomplete.

What is Novavax? Is it better than other COVID vaccines?

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