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What is a “favorability index” (and how can you increase you)?

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You’ve heard about IQ, or IQ, and you probably have it Determine how smart you are.. But did you know that there are also “favorable quotients”? That way, you can influence yourself and make yourself more likable.

What is the Favorability Index?

Dr. Hendery Weisinger, Emotional intelligence, I wrote about this in 2015, Explains that likability is “an important predictor of success in all areas of life.” Simply put, no matter how positive you are, it directly affects how successful you are in friendship, romantic endeavors, disciplines, and family relationships.

The quotient here refers to your liking measure. This can generally be measured by how people treat and interact with you. Weisinger has used getting party invitations and promotions as an indicator of your liking and related success, but think about how you interact with everyone around you. Whether your brother regularly calls you to talk to you about their day, your friends trust you in secret, or invite you to an important event, you’re a meaningful romantic If you have a entanglement, you can be confident that your liking index is high.

How can I increase my liking?

Weisinger’s text suggests a focus on a sense of humor and listening skills, both of which can appeal to others, but there are some other things to consider. Doctor this week. Former FBI Behavior Analyst Jack Shuafter, Expanded Weisinger suggestions In his own work Psychology todayAdvise you Look at these so-called “laws” of attraction.

  • Law of similarity.. People with similar thoughts, attitudes and interests tend to form bonds. If you want to have a good impression, consider whether the group you want to appeal to and the people in that group share your interests. It will be easier for people who share something in common to like it.
  • The law of misattribution. Here, Schafter points out that when people are having fun, they tend to associate their good mood with those who are close to them at the time. Whether you’re in the gym or in the office during happy hour, you can have a good time and increase your liking by being surrounded by people who enjoy and stack endorphins.
  • The law of curiosity. “Acting in a way that makes others curious greatly increases the likelihood that an individual will want to interact with you to satisfy their curiosity.” Schafter writes.. Talk about your unique experience, whether you grew up in a different environment than where you live, or studied something weird at college. Give people something intriguing.
  • The law of self-disclosure. When interacting with others, it’s vulnerable, but it doesn’t perform well. This helps you build close bonds, as people naturally tend to be open-minded and engage with sincere people. They will probably be vulnerable accordingly, and now you have some real connections together.
  • The law of humor. This is obvious, but when you’re funny, people will love you. Don’t be afraid to show your stupid side.
  • The law of availability or shortage. At least don’t make it available immediately. This is tied to what we were talking about with curiosity. When interacting with people, you need to leave someone who wants more. Then they have a reason to look for you. Don’t be desperate. Make it clear that you are in high demand.

Basically, if you want to increase your LQ, don’t be open, entertaining, fake or desperate. Then prepare for success.

What is a “favorability index” (and how can you increase you)?

Source link What is a “favorability index” (and how can you increase you)?

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