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What is a “bleisure” (and how can I take it?)

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Traveling for work is one of those exciting things in theory, but in practice it’s not that great. Especially when it comes to travel where you spend a lot of time flying to exciting destinations and just staying pale and indoors. , windowless walls, drinking bad coffee and eating stale pastries, talking only about work. The work part of traveling can be exhausting and crippling,fun, sometimes it is possible Add a few days of vacation at the end So You can actually see where you’ve put in the time and effort to get there.

Before, when there were no carefree children sun i My husband and I attended a workshop he was teaching in Malaysia and stayed an extra day when we went to conferences in San Antonio, Boston and San Francisco. and Santa Fe. Travel expenses have already been accounted for, Paying an extra night or two at the hotel was a relatively small expense compared to what it would cost to fly to these places on our own. On the positive side, I got to see cities I would never have visited on my own.

Adding vacation time to business trips is on the rise

As wall street journal As recently reported, the hotel This suggests that business travelers are adding an extra day to their trip.street Usually people came up with a name for this practice and settled on the (unfortunately terrible) name of “bleisure” which is a mixture of “business” and “leisure”.

The practice is certainly nothing new, but the rise of hybrid or work-from-home setups means that the line between work and home is blurring more than ever.work”—Where to go to work with your own money and fun destinations So You can (theoretically) enjoy your surroundings at night and on weekends—is a complete fraud Things you should definitely avoid “bleisure”, on the other hand, is a good idea as long as it’s done properly.

plan to combine work and vacation

There are a few things to consider when combining work and vacation keep that in mind.As The Wall Street Journal advisesthis is It’s important to clarify your employer’s policy before you plan to work on it vacation to business trip, When confirm A clear distinction is made between work and personal expenses. worldyou too You should have a practical plan to make sure you are productive with the work portion of your travel.

if you plan to Take family together, You can also discuss these details with your partner.or Including describing what your work schedule looks like. while arguing with children you are working

As new york times Reported in an article from 2017. If you plan to stay an extra day or two, For extra days, ask the hotel if they usually offer a lower corporate rate.As The Times advises that it’s possible to add a little extra if done right.on vacation by finding in the work portion of the trip Dinner at a popular local restaurantyou can stroll around the city during your lunch break or take a sightseeing tour on your day off.

What is a “bleisure” (and how can I take it?)

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