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what happens when the queen dies

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Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision, doctors sayConcernedFor her health, according to Statement from Buckingham Palace Released today. nevertheless rumors on the internet rampage with a guess about qUEEN status (life or death)there is Transience is unmistakable On the health of the longest-reigning British monarch at 96, or the global significance of her death —crowned in 1953, She’s been in power longer than many of you reading this have been alive.

Politico reported last year upon Operation London Bridgeaka the British government’s plan for what will happen in the days after the Queen’s death.

“London Bridge has fallen”

In the hours after the Queen’s death, a “cascade of calls” would notify the Prime Minister, Cabinet members (the highest-ranking public servant in the UK), and many of the most senior ministers and officials of the news. The phrase is expected to be used to communicate the Queen’s death.

The royal family will then issue an official notice announcing the news to the public. After that, the prime minister will be the first member of the government to issue a statement. Unsurprisingly, Communicating Today’s plans are focused on social media, and all of the key parties have already drafted the wording for these tweets. Retweets from social media pages of all government departments are expressly prohibited unless authorized by the Central Government Communications Officer. All other members of the government will be instructed not to comment until the Prime Minister speaks.

The royal website will turn to a black pending page containing a short statement confirming the Queen’s death.


Prior to her funeral, the Queen will rest at the Palace of Westminster for three days. Her coffin is open to the public 23 hours a day.

The day of the state funeral becomes ‘the day of the state funeral’ and is effectively a bank holiday (however, the name is not given directly). Politico explains No additional bank holidays are allowed if the funeral falls on a weekend or existing bank holiday. If the funeral is held on a weekday, the government will not order employers to give their employees the day off.

A two-minute silence will be observed across Britain at noon on the day of the funeral. The state funeral itself will be held at Westminster Abbey, with processions in London and Windsor. Worship services are held at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, and the Queen is buried in the castle’s George Her VI Memorial Chapel.

succession to the throne

Prince Charles, 73, is the heir to the British throne as the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II. At 10 am, the day after the Queen’s death, he will be crowned Charles III.

When Prince Charles became King, his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, don’t be queenAs the King’s Wife, her official title will be Queen Consort. This means Camilla will not share the sovereignty or political or military powers of the King.according to royal family websitethe right of succession to the throne is “regulated not only by family line, but also by Act of Parliament.”

After Charles is Prince William, the eldest son of the Duke of Cambridge. When Charles becomes King, he becomes Duke of Cornwall and is invested (aka duly named) as Prince of Wales.

As the new King, Charles addresses the nation on the night of the Queen’s death.He then embarks on a four-country tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The monarchy will survive…but should it?

There is always a very detailed plan for what happens after the death of a major royal. Operation London Bridge I’ll try to explain every little protocol, consequence, and quirk in the aftermath of the Queen’s death. “God, protect the king.”

Granted, it doesn’t sound the same, but the phrase may need to be removed from the anthem entirely. great opportunity To abolish the British monarchy Let’s do this one last time. Given the outdated and immense levels of privilege and inequality that keep the royal family “royal”, I can’t help but agree.

what happens when the queen dies

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