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What does “UL List” mean in electronics and why you need to look for it

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If you pay close attention to the electrical label Product, device, or appliance, You may have noticed a small mark with the initials “UL”.Not related to a particular company or brand of product, Is One of the things you start to notice here and there once you know it’s there. But what does the “UL” mark mean? Here’s what you need to know:

What does UL on the label mean?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories Explain yourself As a “non-profit organization specializing in public security”.Established 1894 To promote a safe living and working environment, UL’s main function was product safety testing and certification. UL is best known, although there are other organizations that offer the same safety testing services.

The first iteration of the UL label was published in 1906, testing individual products and proving that they meet organizational safety standards. That means the same thing today. The “UL Listed” label on the product ensures that as a consumer, it works as expected and poses no safety risks. That is, if you need to decide whether to buy an item with the UL label or the same type of item without that mark, select the item with the UL label.

Difference between “UL Listed” and “UL Recognized”

Let’s say you bought a refrigerator. The label affixed to the power cord of the appliance may have a “UL List”. And while you were in it, you also bought a washing machine. “UL certified” sticker In some individual parts.. What is the difference between the two?

according to To UL“UL List means that UL has tested a representative sample of a product and determined that the product meets certain defined requirements.” On the other hand, “What is UL Component Recognition?” , UL has evaluated components or materials intended for use in a complete product or system. These components are intended only for end-use products that may be subject to UL certification. is.”

So basically, “UL list” means testing the product (as a whole) and functioning safely. The “UL Certified” label is affixed to specific parts of the product being tested.

What does “UL List” mean in electronics and why you need to look for it

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