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What does “this is Miyamoto” mean?An adult guide who is not exposed to children’s culture

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This week’s trip to the strange places of youth culture is about different kinds of dangers! You risk talking to strangers online, going on your first date, and pursuing scientific achievements. But let’s start with the danger of tweeting strange things.

What is the meme of “This is Miyamoto”?

Nintendo will release an anime this week Super mario bros. The movie was pushed back by the tragic news of the United States from December to May 2023, certainly given especially Universal excitement for gamers About Chris Pratt’s casting as Mario. However, the delay was widespread, not because the fans were upset, but because Nintendo used a tweet from legendary game director Shigeru Miyamoto to deliver the news. “”I’m MiyamotoThe message has begun, and countless memes have begun.

Image of article titled The Out-of-Touch Adults & # 39; Guide to Children's Culture: What is

screenshot: Twitter / Stevens Johnson

Most people agreed that the first impression of a tweet must be from a parody account. But no. From Nintendo’s official Twitter account. The blue check is right there. “WWhy are the first three words read like an email scam / hostage situation??? ” Asked @rabbidluigi.. Others say, “This is Miyamoto.You are not ready for Chris Pratt.. But he is coming. He is inevitable. He can’t run forever. And, of course, the phrase was bought immediately Original Super Mario Bros. Game Also, in the image, it is displayed at the top of this post.

FBI issues “sexuality” warnings to teens

If you know a young person in Extremely Online (or Slightly Online), you may want to let that person know. The FBI recently issued a warning about the rise in “section” style crimes. There are several different variations of this scheme, but basically, scammers make friends with young people on social media, often pretending to be girls / women and forcing them to take nude pictures. From there, the criminal threatens to spread the photo to the victim’s contact list, unless the ransom is paid. Sometimes you use a single photo to request more, and sometimes a scammer hacks your nude photo and asks for money. Some adults respond to such threats with “anything, hey.” Or “Good. Publish my photo to anyone you like. The kids aren’t experienced enough to recognize the obvious scams and aren’t sick of it anyway. The FBI Encourage the victims to come forward and promise they will not get into trouble.

This week is on the verge of online

Speaking of dangerous things on the internet, this is part 463 of my 736,000 part series “Don’t do these things I saw online”.

Bad date on TikTok

TikTok user Taypole terrible The recent The Tinder date and her story are viral.by video, A charming gentleman caller put her back in his place and let her see him practicing his short golf game. 3 hours.. (I’m going to make a joke about “heavy putting”, but I decided to oppose it.) Taypole’s nightmare was intrigued to me if there was a bad date corner on TikTok, and of course there is. !! Worst date story hash Like this woman in a suitor, it’s full of cheerful, scary, and tragic romantic disasters. I committed a felony in the middle of dinnerThe Tinder Dated This Woman Take her to church to crash a stranger’s weddingWhen This guy on the date she thought she was a mermaid,

This Week’s Viral Video: The Man Who Accidentally Killed Most People in History

Who killed the most people? Stalin? Hitler? Genghis Khan? Everything is wrong. This week’s viral video, “The man who accidentally killed the most people in history” from VeritasiumGives an amazing answer: Thomas Midgley. Midgray indirectly causes the deaths of millions, diminishes the collective intelligence of humanity as a whole, and may ultimately be the most responsible person at the end of all human life. And he did it all in science! Midgley is the person responsible for putting lead in gasoline. Lead It has led to an immeasurable number of deaths and a decline in our collective IQ. Dissatisfied with the results, Midgray has become a pioneer in using Freon to keep the refrigerator cold. Its pioneering use of CFCs has led to the development of all chemicals that pierce the ozone layer and help accelerate global warming. Befitting, Midgray was eventually killed by one of his own inventions.The story is just weird and funny, and you can Learn all about it here.

What does “this is Miyamoto” mean?An adult guide who is not exposed to children’s culture

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