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What color should I paint the garage door?

What color should I paint the garage door?Image of the article titled

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What color should I paint the garage door? The simple answer is: Any color you want. But whether you’re trying to refresh your garage door for your own visual enjoyment or bring your home to market, a rule of thumb that helps maximize the appeal of this often overlooked feature. There are several. Your home.

you can Just choose the color you like best, this is not always the best choice to enhance the look of your home. There are several factors to consider: your home color, shutters, and trim. The materials used and the number of decorative features already present on the exterior of your home.

In the following cases, you need to paint the garage door white …

The Universal The rule is to paint your garage in the same color as the dominant color in your home, or use white. White is the most popular garage door color because of its clean finish and the ability to match and balance with almost any home design and existing color scheme.As Sarah Fisher, Vice President of Marketing and Design HA Fisher HolmesSaid Fagan door, “No matter the style of the elevation, the finish of the exterior, or the details, white is the best complement to create an overall crisp, uniform look that is pleasing to the eye.”

Select white if you want the windows, doors, and gutter trim to match to make the garage door a more eye-catching feature. If you want your garage doors to pop against a mostly beige or gray look, use white to make your entire home look bright and clean.

In the following cases, the garage door should be painted in the same color as the house …

If you want to harmonize your garage door with the rest of our house, and intentionally No If it stands out, you should paint it in the same color as your home. This could be because they like a more minimalist and simple look, or because the exterior walls of the house are already “busy” with shutters, windows of various shapes and sizes, and decorative eaves. If you match the garage door to the color of the house, the garage door will not be clearly visible and the house will look bigger.

You need to paint the garage door red in the following cases …

Red is a bold and bold color choice, no matter where you use it. When painting the garage doors in red, keep in mind that they use red as the main feature of the house. Therefore, make sure that it is in the proper condition.Although it can be great as Entrance colorCarefully use red on the surface, which is wide enough to accommodate two (or three) cars. G & S garage door Suggest red to complement the bright tan house. (It also works in light gray homes.) You can make a safer choice by using a darker burgundy shade instead of cherry apple red.

The garage door should be painted gray or blue if:

Smoky gray looks great against the “field colors” of white and beige, the primary colors of the house. The contrast between dark-neutral and light-neutral does a great job of breaking the monotonousness of the beige look, which itself looks dull. For homes composed primarily of light gray stones, blue or dark gray garage doors add a smooth and free finish.

The garage door should be painted brown or beige if:

Medium dark brown works well primarily for tan homes. The shades of brown and beige also tend to serve as a complement to the bricks. American overhead door “In most cases, rich chocolate brown or deep bronze goes well with bricks.” Brown garage doors also work in homes with wooden siding and other exposed, unpainted wooden elements. G & S garage door “The garage doors often look good with warm-colored palate (brown, red, etc.),” ​​says the beige house.

If your home has red paint siding, or red trim, consider beige garage doors.

In the following cases, you need to paint the garage door black …

Black gives a sophisticated look to the white field color and works especially well in more modern homes. It can also complement the gray exterior. If you’re not ready to go to Full Noir, consider dark gray.

If you’re overwhelmed by your choices, you can use online tools such as: Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer Upload a photo of your house and preview the different paint colors on your garage door so you know what looks best before you commit.

What color should I paint the garage door?

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