What Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates

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Cinco de Mayo (literally “May 5th”) has a fascinating history, but I start with Cinco de Mayo It’s not: It is not the Mexican Independence Day.That is It was celebrated in September. 16, And it’s an important Mexican holiday. Cinco de Mayo is not a national holiday in Mexico. How important it is depends on what you are referring to when talking about it...

Cinco de Mayo before the beer company got it

Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Mexicans outnumbered 2 to 1, but defeated France thanks to the brilliance of General Ignacio Zaragoza. Hooray! TThe French won the second battle of Puebla and eventually occupied Mexico. Boo! But They only held it for 3 years After that, Mexico became independent. Hooray!

Excited by Mexico’s resistance to French rule, California’s Mexican miners first celebrated Cinco de Mayo. 1863. It was also commemorated every year in Puebla, Mexico, where parades and battles were recreated.But Was not widely marked Throughout The rest of Mexico, And it’s still a much more popular holiday At United state From the south of the border. In the 1960s, Chicano activists raised awareness of the holidays, especially among Mexicans in California.ut Cinco De Mayo didn’t really “catch up” in the sense of collective consciousness Until the 1980s. At that time, a beer company was involved.

“Drinko de Mayo” or: What happened when the beer company was involved

In the 1980s, American companies began to notice an increase in the Hispanic population. In the United States.S., And started marketing to them, hard. Coors declared the 1980s a “Decade of Hispanics” with competing beer companies Anheuser-Busch and Miller. Spent hundreds of millions of ads in this emerging market.. These marketing companies have begun to promote Cinco de Mayo’s relatively vague holidays, and their efforts have clearly been a huge success. Like St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, In the United States Cinco de Mayo has become vaguely known as a Mexican-themed party and drinking day. More recently, many cities in the United States have begun hosting Cinco de Mayo events to celebrate Mexico’s heritage and culture, rather than just celebrating Mexican beer, food and liquor.

How about a white man celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

The fact that there are many Caucasians celebrate 2022 Cinco de Mayo America is a little tricky..Most are holidays manufactured by marketers, but Cinco de Mayo too I’m still explicitly Mexican, so I have more questions than any other recent holiday (Like Star Wars Day)..

Cinco de Mayo started in California and has always been more widely celebrated in the United States than in Mexico. So is it a Mexican holiday or an American holiday? both? not? There is almost no “source material” behind It What you can’t really do Comparison Modern celebration In the “true” version.It rarely existed in the United States Who “owns” Cinco de Mayo until the beer and snack companies make it happen? Who can talk about the “right” way to mark it?

I think most non-Hispanic Americans consider Cinco de Mayo to be a catch-all “Mexico is a great” day. There, you’ll visit the local taco stand, eat burritos, and drink dos equis. this is, It’s terrible for me and I’m sure the owners of Tacos Manzano across the street agree.maybe Drinking Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day is similar to what it was like 50 years ago. Yeah, it’s a shame to have your national identity related to getting drunk, but should it be ignored?ThulePeople celebrating May 5th have little idea of ​​where Cinco de Mayo came from or what that means, but I’m an Irish-American and I don’t even know what St. Patrick did. ..

Chicano activists in the 1960s wanted to increase their vacation awareness. TThe heir’s purpose was higher than Anheuser-Busch, but corporate marketers did the lift and holiday Known nationwide..I haven’t done that Always as a result number one Depiction of Hispanic culture, it’s like a par of the course I won’t give you a deeper message “Mexicans are more familiar with typical Americans than making good food and drinking fun beer.“

I have so many people Whites terribly ruin this kind of thing. Thousands of dokes this week, with new sombrero and mustaches, suck Margaritas at a bar in Las Vegas and return home to vote for immigration candidates in the next election.Mes This racist-us-for usre-always-like-Is this “awareness” a necessary part of the American cultural acceptance process? I think it finally worked for the Irish.

What Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates

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