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What are the unwritten flight rules?

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If you collectively agree to be trapped in a metal sky bird for hours with hundreds of strangers, you need to agree to some rules of the road. Or, so to speak, an empty rule.

When I say the “rules” of flight, the first thing that comes to mind may be taking off your shoes by default. Security line, Or yours The seatbelt sign flashes, instructing the pilot to stay seated... Even if you don’t like themse rule Systematized and not meaningful Discussion.But what I’m talking about right now Unwritten Flight rules. Which plane etiquette should be universally agreed, but other people simply don’t understand?

I want to hear your definitive stance on the correct etiquette to ride From an airplane, The right time to use the bathroomAnd whether we should all applaud when the plane lands.Did you take a tough line between Great reclining seat discussion for 2019??How about designating armrests, taking off your shoes, and generally not? That disliked person In flight?

Dear Lifehacker readers, please relax your comments. What are the unwritten flight rules? After sifting through your answers, I’ll summarize the best unwritten rules of flight for publication in a post next week. We hope we all have a common understanding of what flies and what doesn’t. Even if you disagree, you need to be careful not to be the next villain in the viral video.And if we all get a better understanding of what’s okay on planes and airportsafter that Maybe you’re flying, especially in coach class Smoke less..

What are the unwritten flight rules?

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