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What are the trends in TikTok’s Vabbing and Mucus Fishing?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

Image of an article titled The Out-of-Touch Adults & # 39; A Guide to Children's Culture: What are Vabbing and Mucus Fishing?

Young people hate whether they are toddlers, teenagers, or 23 years old. Of course, I don’t like old people either. Because being gross is the human condition. Let’s celebrate this week by delving into the trends and topics that fascinate young people on the Internet. Mucus fishing, vabbing, and the most disgusting of all, hWorking to make a living.

Two big new trends from TikTok: mucus fishing and vabbing

If you haven’t heard of these two things becoming more popular among young people on social media, we apologize in advance.

  • Mucus fishing: Mucus fishing is the use of a cotton swab or finger to pull mucus out of your eyes and post a video of the process of stomach rotation. Not only gloss Removing mucus from the eyes can cause irritation and produce more mucus. Ophthalmologist agrees It ’s a bad idea to touch the eyeball..
  • Vabbing: Popular with “certified sexologists” Shan Budoran“Vabbing” is a portmanteau that combines “vagina” and “dabbing”.“So Tap the vaginal fluid on the skin like a perfume with the idea of ​​attracting a partner.It is done frequently Before sweaty training At the gym. The vagina is amazing, but I have to stop thinking about this now.

Three TikToks take on the job: quietly stop being “spontaneously told”, and the dangers of a non-toxic workplace

As the above trends show, social media Unfortunately, as a counterweight to all that sway And mucus fishing, there is something here Positive that young people are out of TikTok: Career advice from peers.

Before the Internet, the main source of information for young workers related to “how to work” The information was largely managed: Magazine, Inc. Or a pamphlet from HR.. But now, “Are you working? difficult Is it enough? “Entry-level drones can gain the wisdom of random work with the prejudice that” you are more important than your job. “

What is “Quiet quietly “?

Like this video zkchillin It defines the concept of “quiet smoking cessation”. A quiet resignation is “when you don’t quit your job altogether. But you’re quitting the idea of ​​going beyond. You’re still doing your job, but your job must be in your life. I no longer agree with the spirit of hustle culture that I have to. ”What I wanted to think about when I was 21 and knocked myself out for people who didn’t respect me There is no mistake.

What is “voluntary”?ld “?

Corporate chase Is a Tik Toker dedicated to career advice and jokes, and many of his videos have a lot of practical words that young workers need. Your boss gives you more work at no extra chargeAnd how it feels “Spontaneously told” to do extra work..The video is a funny meme, not life-changing, but the comments are Young workers empathize and share their experiences. The real pleasure of this account.

Is your workplace too non-toxic?

My last Tikjob influencer AyomitokuPromises career advice and humor, but I’m not sure which is the best source of information. In this video, ayomitok reports that their current workplace is not toxic Sufficient.. “I found myself living a modest life for the drama and prospering in the turmoil,” they write. Also a little suspicious: Company naming / embarrassment Because I have the temperament to not hire you..And do it To another company..At the risk of sounding like a writer for Magazine Co., Ltd.Potential employer can Look at TikTok —wWant to risk being publicly blown up even by interviewing someone who did this?

The “Kia Challenge” is actually real.

Police station from Miami To St. Louis We warn people about the “Kia Challenge”. TikTok and YouTube allegedly have videos showing how easy it is to steal certain models of Kia and Hyundai. I don’t know how many videos there are or if you’re trying to steal a car, but the core information is accurate.According to our always accurate sister site Jaropnic, Car thieves can actually bypass the key chips of some models of Hyundai and Kia by sticking a phone charger to the port of the stealing wheel. From there, they get off the car and let the owner of Kia take the bus.To be exact New problemBut the spread Video detailing it Car theft may be on the rise with TikTok. Or it could be a spread of video warning about a video showing how to steal a car.

This Week’s Viral Video: The Most Deadly Virus on Earth

I’m going to get everything Inception Now: This week’s viral video is literally Viral video. Interesting science youtuber Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell The latest video digs deeper The most deadly virus on earth: Lyssavirus, also known as “rabies”. You probably know the macroscopic effects of rabies (rabies, how to foam in your mouth and fear water), but the microscopic world of lyssavirus is just as interesting and scary.The complex way it doesn’t trick your immune system into killing it while it slowly infects nerve cells until it reaches your brain is as scary as the story. Kujo.. Although full-blown rabies is almost 100% deadly, victims can be saved with a vaccine because it usually takes a long time to die after being bitten by a rabies basset hound. The usual.

What are the trends in TikTok’s Vabbing and Mucus Fishing?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

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