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What are stability shoes?

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With the sheer number of features advertised in various running shoes, it’s hard to parse out what’s important and what’s not for comfort and performance. Last week we talked about its importance. heel to dropand today we are talking about stability.

We used to think that most people Don’t think too much about your running shoesAt the same time, if you are prone to overpronation (aka rolling your foot excessively inward) and finding the right shoe fit can improve your comfort. Explain whether it is the right choice for you.

What are stability running shoes?

If you are looking for a pair of running shows aimed at coordinating supports, the main types of products are: stable Also motor control shoes. Both of these types of specialized shoes address the same problem (only to different degrees). Pronation, or inward rolling when the foot touches the ground. All runners pronate to some extent, but excessive pronation can lead to injury over time.

Stability shoes support the arch and support over-pronated runners. Similarly, motion control shoes are designed to support runners who have a heavy commute, flat feet, or suffer from severe overpronation. Both types of shoes are stiffer (and often heavier) than neutral running shoes that advertise minimal support and a more “natural” ride.

Are stability and motion control important?

All runners pronate naturally to some degree, and it’s not necessarily a cause for concern. If you suffer from overpronation, you may need some kind of stability or motion control shoes to provide additional support and reduce potential injury. Stability shoes are recommended for those with normal but mild overpronation, and motion control shoes are recommended for those with flat feet and severe overpronation.

To test if you need stability shoes, check your current shoes. Excessive wear on the inner edge of the bottom (compared to the outer edge) is a clear indication of excessive inward rolling and may benefit from stability or motion control shoes is.

What are stability shoes?

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