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What are CBNs? Does it really help you sleep?

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The packaging of cannabis-derived products can tell you a lot about what they think can help you relax and fall asleep, reduce anxiety, and relieve pain. It’s just We really know very little about the cannabis plant Efforts to define and systematize what specific cannabinoids do are basically summarizing the early research and accepting it as the final conclusion.

CBD has long been a superstar cannabinoid alongside THC, but in recent years, increased legalization has expanded the industry to isolate, analyze, and study many of the unique compounds in cannabis, leading to the discovery of cannabis’ potential. You have entered a whole new world of sex. , include Delta-8, Delta-10 and THC-OCBN, which is often touted as a reliable sleep aid, has been getting a lot of attention lately. When contained in cannabis products such as gummies.

CBN was first isolated from cannabis oil in the late 19th century. A report in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Since then, it has gained a reputation as an “old weed” cannabinoid that occurs when THC is broken down by heat, light exposure, and time.still feel Somethingbut it may not be the head-clearing height you’re used to from fresh, THC-rich flowers.

In rushing new products to market, brands are touting CBN as a more relaxing, natural plant-based additive, like a middle ground between THC and CBD. But what is actually behind these claims?

Some companies are already working with CBN

dose co-founder Jason DeLand is one of the brands making products containing CBN, he told Lifehacker that he keeps them in a proprietary company. It means fewer companies can offer,” he said. “Dosist is one of the early pioneers in isolating CBN and incorporating it into products.”

Isolated CBNs are not available in the consumer market. As DaLand pointed out, it is usually combined with other cannabinoids to create marketable products. Project CBD, a cannabis education website, Note that CBN itself has no intoxicating effect. “Consuming CBN isolate may weakly stimulate the ECS [endocannabinoid system]this can probably help with some aspects of sleep,” notes Project CBD. must.”

“Neither CBD nor CBN produce an intoxicating high on their own, but when combined with THC, both have an effect on the high,” says DeLand. , alleviates some of the negative effects of THC, such as paranoia and anxiety, while the presence of CBN has been shown to be beneficial for people who want to use cannabis for better sleep. will bring.”

Admittedly, the evidence supporting this claim is far from scientific. According to DeLand, Dosist’s customers share that the company’s CBN-containing gummies improve sleep, but “CBN research is still ongoing.”

Lack of research on CBN

Not all brands tout the benefits of CBN as an additive. of CV Science + plus CBD The brand is creating products aimed at helping customers fall asleep faster, but has yet to incorporate CBN into anything it produces.Michael Lewis, M.D., medical advisor at the company pointed out the risks associated with experimenting with new cannabinoids that have never been experienced before.

“[The company has] Due to the lack of published research, we have yet to manufacture a CBN product,” Lewis said. We may develop a product that

The caution is due to the lack of scientific consensus. “Clinical research on CBN and its effects is still a new field compared to other cannabinoids,” said Lewis. “Before choosing a product, it’s imperative to check the brand’s claims. Preliminary studies show it to be a very promising cannabinoid with a variety of uses. Further research is needed to bring it up to par with other major cannabinoids such as

According to Lewis, CV Sciences’ +PlusCBD sleeping gummies contain clinically-studied sleep-aid ingredients like melatonin and magnolia bark.

all weed can make you sleepy

Low tolerance to weeds because it is weak to weeds Any If you’re not careful, cannabinoids can turn cannabis into a sleep aid. flavonoids, terpenelipids, and other phytochemicals – affect your experience, as well as the specific makeup of your body When Other substances you may have ingested, such as caffeine or alcohol. Cannabis is a go-to sleep aid for many, but it’s not usually a panacea to throw into a sleepless night.

What are CBNs? Does it really help you sleep?

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