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What are “active recovery dates” (and how can you get the most out of them)?

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If you’re just starting an exercise program, you know you can’t go hard every day. It is usually advisable to take a break between intense workouts to reduce fatigue and give time to repair muscles. However, not all recovery days require complete rest...

If you are afraid of the idea of ​​a completely passive rest day, here’s what you need to know Active Recovery dates and how to get the most out of them.

What is active recovery?

Not to be confused with post-workout cooldown, active recovery is a low intensity activity. Both active and passive recovery are required To improve recovery and performance. But instead of resting on the couch all day (This is great!! ), Move muscle groups to promote recovery.

Whatever you do on an active recovery day, it should feel significantly easier than your standard workout. You need to make sure that you are focusing on all this “recovery” part. You haven’t done much to interfere with your main workout..

Active recovery day ideas

The advantage of an active recovery day is the opportunity to incorporate activities that are different from the main routine. For runners, this may be light strength training. For lifters, that may mean light aerobic exercise. The following are examples of active recovery exercises.

  • Walking or jogging
  • swimming
  • Aqua jogging
  • yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • cycling
  • Zumba or dance
  • rock climbing

No matter what activity you choose, do not do your best. Be careful and proceed slowly to avoid accidentally pushing too hard.

Please do it comfortably

Part of perfecting an active recovery day is learning to adjust your sense of effort. One person’s light jogging may be another person’s long-term for the week. Remember: The goal of the day is to give your body a break before returning to a higher level of intensity with training.

An active recovery day is a great opportunity to take a mental break from your training plan. Try something new and listen to your body to make sure you’re not accidentally pushing yourself too hard. Also, if you are injured, in pain, or very tired, you may need passive recovery instead.

What are “active recovery dates” (and how can you get the most out of them)?

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