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What Airbnb’s new price transparency means for your next trip

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Renting an Airbnb always seems like a great idea, It turned out to be very troublesome (which is why I recommend an alternative that doesn’t use any services at all). However, the company has been listening to user complaints and has announced a major change this week. Pricing is about to become more transparent.

What’s changing with Airbnb?

Airbnb promised this week to show a “total price display” when looking at potential properties. This basically means that “cleaning fees” aren’t too difficult to figure out and factor into your budget.

“From December, we will begin rolling out the option to display total prices in countries that do not have existing pricing requirements,” the company said. said in a press release“The total price includes all charges exclusive of tax and is shown in maps, filters and listing pages, as well as in search results. Guests can pay Airbnb service fees, discounts, and , you can see the full price breakdown showing taxes.”

of total Room rates also take precedence over nightly rates in search results, so you can see the best quality and best total price deals instead of hunting through irrelevant listings.

What is the difference between hosts?

If you use Airbnb to rent out your own property, the new changes affect you too.First, hosts will be able to take advantage of new pricing and discount tools early next year. they Understand the final price your guests will pay and how best to set prices that are reasonable and competitive.

Second, hosts are expected to make checkout requests easily visible to guests Previous They book and prevent checkout mishaps.

What does this mean?

Airbnb used to be notorious for how hard it was to figure out how much you were actually paying (or being paid) for your stay. These new changes are designed to make pricing and hosting requirements more transparent, resulting in fewer misunderstandings and incidents. How much guests are expected to pay and how they are expected to behave.

Importantly, the “guidance” Airbnb said it would provide hosts with “reasonable” checkout requests. One of the most frustrating things about renting an Airbnb has long been Arbitrary requests made by the host to guests regarding cleaning or specific behavior during their stay. The company change encourages hosts to be a little more reasonable with these expectations, but it’s still not a bad idea for you to do so. what you learn should do it clean at check ineven if no one made you.

What Airbnb’s new price transparency means for your next trip

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