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WeWordle is a multiplayer Wordle that is currently stressing me.

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If you are a competitive type and just send a text message to your dad and a group of friends Wordle The first thing to score in the morning is not doing it for you, you can try The latest iteration of the Wordle Copycat Universe: WeWordle.. WeWordle Compete with others online —Reminiscent of the old days Words with friends, However, a stressor with a very short time limit of 15 seconds per turn has been added.

Another Wordle knockoff?

There are many Wordle knockoffs and homages, some more amazing than others, but in reality it’s all a matter of taste.I have Worldle For those who taught geography in junior high school (good for you), If Wordle is too good, Quordle, Taylor dollar If you think Taylor Swift deserves a PhDAnd my personal favorite, BadoruShakespeare 1..

Just like regular Wordle, you can guess 5 times in a total of 6 trials-Letter word.Same again: IGuessing the correct letters and placement, It turns green. If you guess the correct letter in the wrong place, it will turn yellow. If you guess the wrong letter, it will be gray.

The difference is in this variation You take turns with your opponent, so you only get three guesses —And you can see what they guess and use their knowledge.You win, you Lose or you confiscate By giving up or running out of time.

WeWordle’s strengths and weaknesses

The main advantage of WeWordle is that for true Wordle addicts, you can play against random opponents over and over again.You can also send links to your friends and partners play together. This is like yelling “GO!”. Play Wordle at the same time with your loved ones on your independent phone, except that you are playing the same game on the same board.

Some people may see it as a professional Also con is that, because You are working on the same puzzle. Once one person unlocks the letter, the information can be used the next turn.This can be felt Collaborative, Or it may make Feel the pressure Get the right answer in one turn so your own success isn’t used against you.

The main drawback of this game is the time limit for me. I play Wordle very fast or very slowly. If I didn’t receive it during the morning coffee time, I could go hours before getting it and ponder the unusual vowel combination on my dog ​​walk or while dropping the kids at school. To do. WNormal Wordle, I hardly lose..

But with WeWordle, 15 seconds is not enough. The timer in front of you does something to your brain, causing it to stop functioning altogether. Characters do not combine. No thoughts happen. I smoke WeWordle and like any other burn-Talented and talented millennials, I swear I’ll never play WeWordle again because I don’t like what I can’t win.Except for the time again really quickly to see if I can win this time.

no, I lost. i hate it.

WeWordle is a multiplayer Wordle that is currently stressing me.

Source link WeWordle is a multiplayer Wordle that is currently stressing me.

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