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Welcome to ‘Will It Casserole?’

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hello everyone. casserole?, a column to see what meals, dishes, and dishes can be reimagined and turned into casseroles (or hot dishes, depending on where you’re from). It’s been almost two years since I turned a reader-provided concept into a casserole, and I miss being bossed around.

This is the final casserole I made. Tater Topping Shepherd’s Pie, was good, but transforming it into a multi-layered hot dish requires a challenge, an esoteric concept, and a foodie fever dream.something like garth’s breakfast bowl, cheese plateAlso whole cookout.

Now is your turn. If you’ve been hanging around Skillet for a few years, you might remember it. Reader-provided aspects of this columnIt’s very simple: I suggest some casserole ideas. Then read the comments, pick your favorite and Casserole, share the recipe.

As usual I have some notionsMost of which I thought long ago but never brought Fruiting:

  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup casserole: There are a number of ways to structure this, but I envision a reduction in lots of crusty bread, lots of different cheeses, and tomato soup.
  • French Onion Soup Casserole: Similar to the above, but with an incredible amount of caramelized onions and a beef base instead of tomato (obviously).
  • Trader Joe’s Casserole: I would love to see what kind of casseroles you can make using only Trader Joe’s products.
  • Taco Bell Casserole: All Taco Bell products Rearrangement of basically the same five componentsSo I don’t understand why the casserole doesn’t work. You can build from actual Taco Bell items, homemade reproductions, or a combination of the two.

you get the idea.Drop your own casserole ideas below, like it. We can’t guarantee that we’ll make the one with the most likes, but it’s a pretty safe bet.

Have a food-related question, comment, or complaint? Email Claire at Claire.lower@lifehacker.com. (And be kind.)

Welcome to ‘Will It Casserole?’

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