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Wednesday Letter: Canada Ranked Near Top For Freedom

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Re. “Poilievre, Charest breathes new life into conservatives,” David Staples, May 13

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Columnist David Staples correctly identifies freedom as the focus of conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre. Staples is using one research organization to explore Canada’s freedom, but surprisingly overlooks another. Staples wrote, “Canada had some of the toughest COVID blockades in the world,” according to Our World in Data. Examining the organization’s data shows that Canada experienced the 58th most severe COVID blockade in about 200 countries.

Perhaps in connection with the seriousness of these blockades in Canada, Staples reports that Poirievre used the word “freedom” seven times in his opening speech during a recent leadership debate. .. I direct Staples and Poirievre to the Press Freedom Index published by the research organization Freedom House, which ranks Canada as the fifth free country of the approximately 200 countries.

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Johnny Valentine, Edmonton

Finding a lost person restores faith in people

Last Saturday afternoon, my 80-year-old husband, who lives with Alzheimer’s disease, decided to go for a walk. Within 10 minutes I found out that he was gone and probably lost and confused.

Fortunately, he returned later in the day after being found many blocks away. He was tired, but his wear wasn’t bad. But the real story I want to share with you is the five hours he went missing. Such love and generosity overflowed from our community. First, a police officer who answered within minutes of my 911 phone call. They were professional, thorough and encouraging. I wish I could remember your name, but everything panicked.

Then our family dropped everything in search of their father and posted his “adventure” on social media to spread the word. And all of our great neighbors, friends, and strangers helped us with our search. I am very grateful for the time, prayer, compassion, and support of everyone who brought my gym home safely.

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With all the horrors that are happening in our world, this experience restores my faith in humanity.

Diana A. Foy, Edmonton

Good Samaritan in the river valley

Recently, when I got home from a walk in the river valley, I found a cyclist who stopped to check for a homeless man who had fallen down the stairs at the bottom of Greerson Hill. It was a warm day and she was very worried that he might experience dehydration. I took out my cell phone and offered to ask for help, but the man was so responsive that I decided it wasn’t necessary.

However, the cyclist surprised me by explaining that he could get a bottled water for this man by riding River Valley Adventure (the nearest store). Doing this was an extra step, and the cyclist had to convince the store operator to donate bottled water (because she explained that she had no money).

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We left the company, but when the cyclist walked the way back with a bottle of water, I met the cyclist again. She appreciates her kindness and initiative. I think the homeless man was grateful. Others may not have stopped for help or traveled extra distances.

Rick Lauber, Edmonton

Kenny’s visit to the United States is more newsworthy

Buried deep inside the back page of the Edmonton Journal was an article about Prime Minister Jason Kenny’s visit to Washington to speak with the US Senate’s Energy and National Resources Commission. He was invited by Democratic Senator Manchin to visit Fort McMurray and oil reserves earlier this year. The purpose of the Prime Minister’s visit is to highlight safe and secure oil, which is right next to the United States.

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Shouldn’t this important news for Alberta justify the front page? After all, canceling the Keystone Pipeline was the first action by Manchin’s own Democratic President Joe Biden. We need to promote this news — not fill it.

Edmonton, Patricia Creel

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Wednesday Letter: Canada Ranked Near Top For Freedom

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