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Visa partners with Metrolinx to bring Tap to Pay to GTA transit passengers

Financial services company Visa has announced a collaboration with Metrolinx to give transit riders in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) the option to make contactless payments using their Visa credit card or payment-enabled devices such as smartphones and watches. Offers. Until now, contactless payments were only available with Sakigake cards.

Visa’s Tap to Pay debuted yesterday on GO Transit, Brampton Transit, MiWay, Oakville Transit and UP Express. More modes of transportation will be added in the future, according to PRESTO. Visa’s Tap to Pay only pays standard adult fares, not discounted youth, senior or student fares available on PRESTO.

Building on a successful collaboration between Visa and Translink in Vancouver in 2018, the partnership will eliminate the need to purchase or load another card or process cash while boarding. , aims to improve the urban travel experience for riders. Passengers simply tap their Visa credit card on any PRESTO device as they embark and disembark from transportation. In addition, a passenger who frequently pays adult fares may receive a discount of 15% or more based on the number of trips he takes within a calendar month if he consistently uses the same payment method (credit card or Sakigake). .

According to a study commissioned by Visa, more than 32% of public transit users are now using contactless payment options to travel on public transit, with 50% citing convenience as a primary benefit. increase.

“Transit is essential for so many people, and we believe in the importance of making the riding experience as seamless as possible. ,” said Brian Weiner, Vice President and Head of Products and Digital at Visa Canada.

Through its Global Mobility team, Visa provides digital tools to transportation systems around the world, including Bangkok (Thailand), Fukuoka (Japan), Lyon (France), Izmir (Turkey) and Mexico City (Mexico). I’ve been supporting you.

Visa partners with Metrolinx to bring Tap to Pay to GTA transit passengers

Source link Visa partners with Metrolinx to bring Tap to Pay to GTA transit passengers

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