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Use this trick to prevent yourself from spitting

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We all experienced panicked, unpleasant moments (or many). That terrifying, all-consuming sensation of “Oh, I’m trying to throw” grabs our body and isn’t the closest receptacle, or sink, or grass patch, or our own shirt and trousers. place. I can’t promise to keep the stomach contents indefinitely (and eventually if it needs to come out), but this hack keeps the upchuck away for a short time until you get to a better place. Helps to do so. Release it.

When I was a TikTok creator @onlyjayus posted a video It should be one of the most health-related hacks on social media, so I explained some tricks to prevent illness (one of which was humming to control nausea). I was skeptical.But the claim is Later verified by Dr. Karan RajanNHS Surgeon, Imperial College London, His platform with nearly 5 million followers Provides medical tips and separates facts from medical novels.

Why does this trick prevent or delay vomiting?according to Rajan, Humming suppresses the pharyngeal reflex.As Dr. RosperyMedical dIrector Cosmetics Skin Clinic the Daily mail“When the pharyngeal reflex begins, it often causes all sorts of stress and anxiety. It helps to relax by controlling and adjusting breathing. Gag and humming at the same time is actually It’s very difficult. ”

Perry added other suggestions for enhancing the pharyngeal reflex, such as brushing the tongue and salting to rejuvenate the taste buds. “A method that works in one way may not work in another, but it’s ultimately about focu.sing It’s not a nauseating move, it’s something else, “he added.

(By the way, another doctor’s hack from the original video was to rub alcohol and sniff instead of ingesting it when you felt nausea.)

As a parent who picked up child seats, floor mats, and expensive carpets with his bare hands and cleaned them mercilessly, I would definitely convey this pearl of Humming’s wisdom to my little kids.Whether they can afford to perform a hack when the time comes remains a sparse undecided, but I’m pRunning to start a dress rehearsal before a future road trip.

But for us adults, this hack seems easy to carry out. So the next time you overcome the urge to purge, try humming.f Only long enough to get to the toilet.

Use this trick to prevent yourself from spitting

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