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Use this tiktok hack to stop restarting Windows PC

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When our PC does what we don’t expect (see you, sudden software update, etc.), we get frustrated.Only more But what is more troublesome than an unauthorized computer is when we our own fault. One of such self -imposed issues occurs when you accidentally restart your computer.This is instead trying to shut down the PC[再起動]It may occur when a button is pressed. However, instead of waiting for the computer to restart to shut down the computer, the next time we will use this tiktok tip to stop the process.

Creator Jackstechtopia recently posted Tiktok Share a simple way to cancel the advanced restart. If the PC has just started restarting and the blue screen is displayed in the loading wheel, you can stop by pressing the ESC key. After a few seconds, the blue restart screen disappears and it is replaced with a home screen. From here, you can keep using your PC. Or, if you turn off the power completely, shut down.

This hack was my first time, so I tested it on the laptop running Windows 11. Look at the Escape key, the restart was canceled exactly in the same way as Jackstechtopia. Judging from the comments on the video, I wasn’t the only Windows user who didn’t know this convenient trick. (I think it is called the “escape” key for the reason.)

If you are looking for other ways to improve your PC user experience, see the following list: Seven frustrated problems, Windows 11, and how to fix them.

Use this tiktok hack to stop restarting Windows PC

Source link Use this tiktok hack to stop restarting Windows PC

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