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Use this site to take a closer look at your favorite video game maps

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One of the reasons video games are so much fun is pure exploration.We 90’s gamers remember how huge it was ocarina of time For the first time in Hyrule Field, it felt real Grand Theft Auto III I could see Liberty City. These games are still fun to explore, but modern technology has taken that exploration a giant step forward by allowing you to fly around the entire map in your own time.

Created by Jasper St. Pierresite, no clip, is modest at first. When it loads I get an almost completely blank screen. In the upper left you’ll see a list of 75 games sorted by system. The list leans heavily towards Nintendo, with games like: Mario Kart Wii, The Legend of Zelda Skyward SwordWhen super mario galaxybut there are many other games here, Similarly, half life, PortalWhen dark soul.

Click on the game to see all the levels and areas available for selection.in some games tons optional; others, Not much. Consider open worlds and non-worlds: Some games let you explore one large world, while others connect many different areas.

let’s take a game like skyward sword, for example. It has a huge number of areas to check out, choose one such as Skyloft and the site will load it in place. It may take up to a minute to load, depending on the size of the game and area. But when it does, you’ll find that your chosen level is truly reproduced in crisp high definition.

There are no NPCs, enemies, items, etc. here. These are areas of empty form, as if the development in the game engine had been completed.you are here lookExperience these realms like you never could on your , N64, Wii, PS2 or any system you remember them. Using his WASD keys on the keyboard and cursor, you can fly around the area while examining different parts of the map from above or below.

It’s below, outside the main boundaries of the area, where you can find the most intriguing views of your game. it’s interesting Under water or behind walls (if any), especially if those barriers lead to another area that can be explored later. It’s also interesting to see how they achieved certain effects using certain shaders and textures that they otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

Skylofts in particular are interesting because the main land itself isn’t that big, Sky teeth. You can leisurely fly around the area while admiring the various islands., and three portals to the ground below. Head below the clouds to see how far apart these portals are and how far they are from each other.

The sheer amount of titles here combined with endless exploration makes this site something you can sink into many Temporal.can check out Pokemon: Heart Gold When of soul silver View the entire map at once or compare the differences between the N64 and 3DS versions ocarina of timeIn short, it’s really cool.

Use this site to take a closer look at your favorite video game maps

Source link Use this site to take a closer look at your favorite video game maps

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