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Use these strategies to dominate the scattered brain

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Sometimes your mind is everywhere and you don’t seem to be able to pinpoint exactly why.You have tried all kinds Productivity hack..You tried to approach Relaxation as a skill that requires practice.. Still, you’re struggling to stay on top of the messy madness annoyances.

It’s a virtuous cycle of stress. You’re overwhelmed because there’s too much happening in your head, but there’s too much happening in your head to start clearing your head. Some people call this emotional distracting or cluttered idea. I call it “The brain is clogged.. It’s like a traffic jam in thought.

More serious things may be happening, Adult ADHD Also anxiety, There are lots of small tips and tricks to make your thoughts easier to handle. Here are some strategies to start clearing your mind so you can get things done.

Various ways to clean your head

The secret to clearing your head is to take small bite-sized steps at first. The following may seem obvious, but the act of choosing to organize your thoughts is half the battle.

Put your thoughts on paper

This is my line of trust, but I’m still Write down all the little things For years.

We advertised before Benefits of maintaining a journaling habit In general. Putting words around your thoughts can be daunting at first. But if you commit to the decision to clarify some of the rattling things in your head, you’ll find that after translating them into sentences, your thoughts and feelings are much less confusing. In addition, the to-do list becomes much more practical when you can see what’s written out (as opposed to all the nasty things in your brain).

Write down not only what you need to accomplish, but also how these responsibilities make you feel. Get rid of your pressures, concerns, questions, and ideas. If the pen and paper are not yours, Lots of journaling apps out there To find something that works for you.

Free write and delete

There is no need to keep a diary like a diary. If you’re having a hard time writing your thoughts, you’re relieved of the pressure to write something “easy to read.” I like to open Word documents designed to be deleted. I am free to write without worrying about spelling, grammar, or any kind of consistency. So my documentation often looks like a desperate and meaningless bullet, like this:

  • Emphasis
  • Call back to dad
  • Budget revision !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Will you lose my youth currency?
  • Buy quinoa

It is catharsis and is often quite revelatory. I call it a “brain dump”, but frankly, I’m touting a more attractive name for this practice.

Use an organizational system

This can mean writing down and filling in things in the daily planner Selected note-taking app, Or color-coded sticky notes-only if you find a system that suits you. Various tools help you perform a number of abstract tasks and make them look concrete and feasible.

For digital note-taking tools, my number one recommendation is Evernote, Microsoft OneNoteWhen Zoho notebook..

Create a mini to-do list

Are you still overwhelmed after writing down all the tasks? Break them down until you face a fully manageable task. I’m talking about how easy it is to get rid of. “”Open laptop” When “Drink a glass of waterThe to-do list at the level is important for moving yourself. Avoid multitasking here. Your goal is to cross things and take advantage of that sense of accomplishment to further motivate you.

log off

I’m not saying you need to be off the grid, but did you know that Twitter hasn’t helped keep your head clean?Try free extensions such as: StayFocusd When WasteNoTimeOr any of these Tools to block social sites..Hell, but Block a reliable workplace Sometimes.

Go for a walk

You may need to specify a time to force you to wander away from stress. I’m a runner and the best tool to keep my head clean. I’m not sure if I can accomplish anything if I can’t run, walk, drive, or get on the train … I have some activities that are moving forward, but I Can be taken away from the blank. Personally, I like listening to music during this time, but I recommend unplugging it completely to take in the surrounding environment.


Obviously, it’s underrated.try These breathing methods Helps relieve stress.

Final idea

We are all messy. The best way to avoid this sensation is to address the root cause. You may be thinking too much. So you can only hack organization and productivity so far.

Focus on taking care of yourself.please try Approach relaxation as a goal And learn how Configure downtime.. If you take the time to relax, you’ll be smarter, organize all your thoughts, and finally work on what you need to do.

Use these strategies to dominate the scattered brain

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