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Use these 1930s acronyms to sex like World War II soldiers

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Sexting, in its strictest sense, is a recent development. A cheeky accessory to the emergence of instant messaging. But sending a naughty message to your boo isn’t as new as you might think.according to HistorianThe couple sent a racy message to each other, dating back to World War II.

During the war, when many letters were written among lovers separated by geography and circumstances, certain coded acronyms were developed to communicate soldiers about potential disclosure of military secrets. Avoided the detection of monitored censors (perhaps their racy message is too embarrassing to be a point blank).

With no further effort, here’s the acronym — from lovingly calm and cheesy to totally sneaky — in favor of the 1930s and 1940s (also known as grandparents), added to sexting weapons. need to do it. yes. Don’t think about it.

France: Friendship remains and never ends (Who knew that France was so serious?).

Italy: I trust and love you (Especially when I remember drinking milk at Costco.. )

OOLAAKOEW: A kiss to the sea of ​​love and every wave (teeth? Are we swimming now? Maybe just write this out.).

Netherlands: I hope our love will last and never die (It gives the atmosphere we met in the 7th grade camp.. )

Swalk: Sealed with a loving kiss. ((((And see you at Sadie Hawkins Sock Hop.. )

Malaya: My ardent lips are waiting for your arrival (OK, polite, but now I’ve reached somewhere. )

Burma: Be on the 2nd floor and get ready on arrival. Alternative version: Take off your clothes and get ready for my angel. ((((Hey.. )

Venice: I’m so excited now I caress everywhere (OK, Siri. If you say so.).

Norwich: (K) When I get home, Knickers Off Lady (Ahem.. )

China: Go home I’m already naked (It will be spicy!).

Egypt: Give you a fun idea so far (IYou ask f BBC.. ) Aspiring to grab your cute boobs (If you are troublesome.. )

England: All naked girls love naked D * ck (Then I will see myself.. )

Use these 1930s acronyms to sex like World War II soldiers

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