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Update Google Chrome ASAP to patch this security flaw

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If it looks like you just updated Chrome, it’s because you did.Google refreshed Update your web browser to version 105 On Wednesday we will introduce new features and security patches.. however, A few days later, Google still offered another update.THis company doesn’t usually issue surprise updates. There are good reasons, and they are: Chrome 105 contains zero-day security flaws.

Google announced an update Chrome release blog post On Friday. new Version 105.0.5195.102 is now It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and only deploys a single patch.

  • [$TBD][1358134] high CVE-2022-3075: Poor data validation in Mojo. Report anonymously on 2022-08-30

An update with only one change may seem insignificant, but in this case, that is-It is important to update as soon as possible. The vulnerability identified as CVE-2022-3075 is an insufficient data validation issue.or Not great, but usually not It’s really pressing. in most cases, I want to expect to google wait until next A scheduled update that pushes such patches to users. However Google, Confirms the bug exploit actually exists, making the vulnerability a zero-day security issue.

A zero-day is a security flaw caused by an exploit previously unknown to the developer. In contrast, most security flaws are discovered by the developer or a third party who discloses it to the developer. to the developer Create patches for vulnerabilities and fix them before anyone knows how to exploit them against users for personal gain.

Unfortunately someone already revealed know How Google Exploits CVE-2022-3075 Shortly after Wednesday’s big 105 update, we rolled out a surprise patch for this flaw.

How to update Google Chrome to patch this zero-day security flaw

Google wants all Chrome apps protected from this zero-day threat. Therefore, the company Possibility to automatically update the browser to the latest version on startup. while your instance can Chrome is If you have already updated, the automatic process can take weeks, leaving you vulnerable during that time.

To be safe now, we suggest you do the following Manually trigger the update. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser window, Help > About Google ChromeAllow Chrome to search for new updates.If available, click Reboot Install.

Update Google Chrome ASAP to patch this security flaw

Source link Update Google Chrome ASAP to patch this security flaw

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