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“Unbelievable”: Former Edmonton soccer player regains 2015 Gray Cup ring

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Eddie Steel’s hands shine again with the brilliance of the champion.

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A former Edmonton football player’s 2015 Gray Cup was stolen from his car early on April 27th.

Defensive Harness Steele, who won the Banier Cup at the University of Manitoba at Bisons in 2007, was moving to a new home and locked the ring in a glove box for storage.

“I’ve done a lot of movements in the past, but I was going to lock it in the glove box because things were lost or misplaced in the movements. I knew exactly where it was.” Said Steele.

Steele said he wasn’t optimistic about getting the ring back, but he used social media to ask Edmontnian to help him find the ring. Three weeks later, he received a message on Twitter.

Steele opened a message from a man on Sunday morning that he had found a ring. Steele called the man and met him on Sunday afternoon.

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“It’s very surreal. It’s hard to believe,” Steele said.

“It’s shocking to be able to recover just by talking to people in the circle … To be honest, I was relieved to think that it was gone, but it’s surreal that there are still good people. . “”

Steele said the man paid about $ 60 to get the ring back, but wouldn’t accept payments from Steele. Instead, the man asked Steele to come to the barbecue with a young man in the city center.

“I said’easy, I can’, so I’m going to get kids tickets for some games this year,” Steele said. In addition, Steele said he has some “potential ideas” that could lead to a good relationship between the Edmonton Elks Football Club and young people in the city center.

Before the Steel Ring recovered, Edmonton Elks President and CEO Victor Cui offered to replace the 2015 Championship Ring.

“It wouldn’t have been the same. It wasn’t the ring that literally shed blood, sweat and tears to win, but it’s a great gesture by Victor Kui and we need to go that way anymore. I’m glad we don’t have one, “Steel said.



“Unbelievable”: Former Edmonton soccer player regains 2015 Gray Cup ring

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