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Two best ways to make limoncello at home

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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, but it only takes care of the fruits meat. Lemonade does nothing to reduce the barrage of lemon zest, However The solution is once again Drinks: Limoncello.

Limoncello (Limoncello in northern Italy) is an Italian lemon liqueur produced primarily in Southern Italy.I ate the first limoncello on the Amalfi Coast at the young age of 19. Remember that I felt a very sophisticated fantasy. A vibrant, smart, sweet and fragrant drink, best to drink at the end of a meal when it’s ice-cold.Also good for carbonated water Or splattered in a tall glass of regular lemonade. Just be careful: it’s easy to forget that Limoncello is actually alcohol because it tastes like candy.

Determine the strength of your ideal Limoncello

There are two ways to make limoncello: fast and slow. The quick way requires a vacuum cooker, but the rest of the procedure is very similar. Place the lemon zest in a container of neutral spirits with an alcohol content of at least 40% and inject for at least 5 days. .. Dilute and sweeten with a simple syrup. accomplished.

The spirit you start with and the amount of simple syrup you add will determine your alcohol content. This recipe From Food52, add 1 cup of syrup to 750 ml of infused vodka.With a convenient one Dilution equation, You can see that the final alcohol content is about 30%. This is where most Limontelli hang out. Don’t worry if you haven’t used the dilution equation since high school. It’s very easy.

Dilution formula: c₁V₁ = c₂V₂, where:

  • c1 = Initial concentration or molar concentration
  • V1 = Initial volume
  • c2 = Final or molar concentration
  • V2 = Final volume

To find the final ABV, rearrange the equations and solve V₂.

c₁V₁ / V₂ =c2,

(40%) (750 mL) / 987 mL = 30%

If you want to make it stronger, use a flavorless grain spirit with a high alcohol content, such as Everclear. If you want to make it weaker, add syrup or water. However, 30% alcohol is a pretty good starting point.

How to make limoncello (slowly)

As mentioned earlier, Limoncello is made of bright yellow lemon zest. For a 750 ml spirit bottle, you’ll need 9-12 lemon peels, depending on size. (Wash with hot water to remove wax.) You can peel it at once and use it for other purposes, or you can peel it while using lemon (be sure to peel it). Previous Use slices, cuts, or juices to avoid having to wrestle with floppies or used skins). Store the skin in the freezer until it is sufficient. (Use a y-peeler to get a very thin, pithless skin strip.)

Place the skin in a large glass jar, pour vodka on top and stir a little. Keep in a cool, dark place for at least 5 days and up to 1 month. You can see that as soon as you open the jar, you will be taken to the Lemon Orchard.

Add 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water in the saucepan and heat with occasional stirring until all the sugar is dissolved (it does not need to be completely boiled). Allow the syrup to cool completely.

While the syrup has cooled, use a fine mesh sieve to place the infused spirit into one or two bottles. (Note that the original spirit bottle does not have enough space for the spirit and syrup.) Press the skin to get all these delicious oils. Add chilled syrup to the strained liquor, shake to cool completely, then place in a cute little glass.

How to make limoncello (quickly)

The procedure for making a fast limoncello is very similar to the procedure for making a slow limoncello, you just need to involve an immersion circulator. Instead of putting the spirit and rind in a jar, put it in a freezer bag, then put the bag in a vacuum cooking bath set at 135 ℉ for 2 hours. Then make a syrup and add it to the infusion as above.

Variation of theme

the same as Oreo Rum, You can use any citrus peel you want. You can also add herbs, peppercorns (the ones Food52 uses in the recipe), lavender, bay leaves, and whatever you think you’re at home with the goodness of sweet lemons. (I’m a little purist, but I have to admit Juniper Grapefruit-the cello sounds pretty dope if it’s a bit like gin.

Two best ways to make limoncello at home

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