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Tips for traveling abroad (should not be)

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If you’ve traveled abroad, you know that there are other tipping cultures as well as language barriers when visiting other countries. Do you tip when eating out at a restaurant? How about a coffee shop? And what percentage do you tip? What if I’m in Venice? Singapore? Needless to say, there are many variables that go into the chip when you leave the US territory.

Criteria vary by region and scenario, so care must be taken not to accidentally consolidate (or insult) waiters, bellboys, taxi drivers, etc. Take a look at these tips to see when it is appropriate to show your gratitude for the move.

Which country should I put the tip in?

With the tip culture alive in the United States, it may not come as a surprise that countries with similar practices are seeing a large influx of American tourists. According to Travel ChannelCountries where tipping is common include Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Tipping for 10% to 15% of dining services is standard in these areas, but anything above that is by no means inappropriate. In addition, you will be required to tip the hotel staff, car service, and baristas in the same way as in the United States. Basically, if you’re in one of the countries mentioned above, you don’t need to change the behavior of the chip at all.

In addition, tipping is a common practice among a small number of people Middle Eastern countries.. In Israel, if the restaurant has not yet paid the service charge, it is expected to tip 10% to 15%. In the United Arab Emirates, a 10% service fee and a 6% tourism fee are added, but it is common to add an additional 10% tip to these fees. In Egypt, a 10% tip is expected in addition to a 10% service charge. The former goes to the wait staff at the restaurant, but the latter does not.

Where should I refrain from tipping?

Quite a few countries around the world avoid tipping practices, instead allowing their patrons to predict the final cost of a meal simply by looking at the menu. What a concept this is! In European countries In the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavia, France, etc., they make decisions out of your hands and add some service charges (usually 15%), but you can’t expect to fall on top of that. In addition, it is not common to tip for services in pubs and fast food restaurants.

In Asian countries such as China, Japan and Singapore, there is no tip expectation. Travel Channel even says that hints can be interpreted as rude in these countries, with the exception of Singapore, where the large foreign community is gradually making this American practice more common. Similarly, in Australia, tipping is not expected, except in fine restaurants where tipping is usually 10%.

When to fall No On the tip

Restaurants are not the only service for which tips are being discussed. In tourist destinations around the world, it is common to advise travel guides on all types of tours around the region (US News & World Report This is listed as the only appropriate example of tipping in China).

In addition, depending on the country you are visiting, it may be appropriate to tip to hotel staff such as bellboys, concierges and cleaning staff. Similar criteria apply to drivers and others who provide private transportation. Condé Nast Traveler There are country-specific guides on when to tip each of these services.

Tips for traveling abroad (should not be)

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